Starting some new doilies.

After completing the 3 amusement doilies I was left with shuttles that still had thread on them. I recently received Jan Stawasz’s book: Tatting theory and patterns, so used the thread in the shuttles to begin his “Doily II” (in blue) and “Doily VII” (in pink). I really like the effect of both colours against the Ecru thread, based on the design colours of “Morimoto“, so have continued to use these colours.




I am making good progress on doily II, but while this pattern is visually stunning,  it is quite boring to tat (I know- I never thought I would see the day when I said that either!). I had originally thought I could challenge myself to use split rings and chains to climb between rows, but Jan’s clever design means these joins would be difficult- far past my current ability. So I have been cutting and sewing in threads for each round. I am looking forward to the outer rounds, they look a but more challenging.  I really should think these projects through 🙂 , I now have 2 doilies in progress, as well as a few UFOs waiting in the wings, The ‘yes you can challenge’ on Craftree, and my aim to make baubles each month…oh, and Jane’s TIAS. Too many ideas!

I wonder what your ideas are for crafting this year? Have you already committed to more than you thought?
In other news, the facebook page is growing quickly now, we hit 400 likes over the weekend. I will run a giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

As always, happy tatting.
Fiona T



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4 responses to “Starting some new doilies.

  1. I think the colours in the center lend it a nice touch !
    Eager to see what you come up with in the Yes You Can challenge 🙂

    • Are you doing the yes you can challenge too? I’m excited to see what others do too. The discussion so far is interesting, and the different techniques people are suggesting.

      • I have my eye on it, but will not commit yet. Have too much going on, too much ‘backlog’ as well as future learning …. also want to actually tat up a few of my own designs/doodads, …
        But who knows what the future may bring – I fall for distractions ;-P

      • Lol, tell me about it! Lots of distractions already this year!

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