Crowd sourcing- FUNDRAISING/SPONSORSHIP needed | 5000 POPPIES


Just sharing this blog that popped into my inbox this morning. If you are based in Australia/New Zealand you may wish to contribute…I have no affiliation with the 5000 poppies blog or organisational group. The purpose of this blog post today is to raise awareness of this fundraising effort.

Remember the inspiring 5000 poppies tribute I wrote about here? I have been following this closely and meaning to make a tatted poppy to contribute 😉 It’s still on my list. The response have been overwhelming for the organisers with over 60,000 poppies to date- this has necessitated the fundraising/sponsorship request in the linked post: FUNDRAISING/SPONSORSHIP | 5000 POPPIES.  It will take lots of money to move the already amassed poppies (think truck hire etc) to the display point for the ANZAC day memorial. A few weeks ago I had seen the online kickstarter sort of fundraising page for this fundraising effort- but since the target of the kickstarter was not reached by the set date – all pledges were cancelled! So now the organisers are trying to raise funds through other fundraising means- including donations from individuals.  The re-blogged post above gives details of this fundraising effort – so if you would like to contribute to help this wonderful project come to life please consider the sponsorship packages (starting at $12 to dedicate a poppy).

I will be back to normal blogging this weekend with a craft giveaway too- we are over 400 likers on the Facebook page now 🙂

Until next time- Happy tatting

Fiona T



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2 responses to “Crowd sourcing- FUNDRAISING/SPONSORSHIP needed | 5000 POPPIES

  1. I followed the links, and saw their Poppy Patterns page. I have a free poppy pattern in tatting that you are free to share, link, make, …… It is a 3D flower, called ‘Tiny Heart Poppy’ & is on my blog, along with tuts on techniques (if required).
    Wishing you all the very best with the fund-raising . It will be awesome to see so many handmade poppies together 🙂

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