Doily ll Jan Stawasz


I am working on this Jan Stawasz Doily ll from his ‘Tatting theory and patterns” book. I liked the look of this book and the patterns in it look great- many are quite visually stunning. I decided to work this one when emptying a shuttle from the recent ‘amusement doily’ tat along on facebook. I thought, as with many doilies, I could adapt the pattern to use split chains to climb out of rows- I was wrong in this thought. The rings and chains on the main part of this doily are reversed to the traditional placement of rings and chains, so I had to cut and sew in after each round. This made it slow and tedious and- um- boring- to tat the ecru part of this doily. I have never been bored before when tatting- confused (yes), frustrated (yes), excited (yes)- but never bored! Once I got to the next row- pictured here- it was a bit more interesting. I am now just starting the second last round and the stitch counts are a bit ‘challenging’ to remember. I need to keep checking the visual diagram. It is slow progress, but I will keep chipping away. I also hope the slight bend in the final ecru round can be blocked out at the end- it would be a shame to have wasted all this time and thread. I do love the colour combination, inspired by Morimoto’s colour pallette in her book “New Tatting”.

I wonder what crafting piece you tried that was more challenging than you anticipated? Please share in the comments here or on facebook 🙂

Until next time

Happy Tatting

Fiona T



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2 responses to “Doily ll Jan Stawasz

  1. Barbara G

    Quite big and open, and now I’m really beginning to wonder what the next row will look like. Nice colors…

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