500 Likes giveaway- OneMadTatter

Woo Hoo- 500 likes over on Facebook! Welcome to our newest likers. That means it is time for a giveaway. This time I am running it just through facebook comments, that way I can contact the winner easily (I hope) 😀 So, while the details are here, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Mad-Tatter/239600219420054 to like and comment to enter.

I recently re-discovered Marilee’s Etsy Yarnplayer store…and have bought a pattern of hers via download- so easy I wanted to share the excitement. Marilee also has beautiful hand-dyed thread and jewellery available through her store. The prize for this giveaway is up to $AU30 from Marilee Rockley’s https://www.etsy.com/au/people/yarnplayer [You will send me the selection you would like and I will pay for it and organise for Marilee post it to you] There is only one prize this time for international postage.

For my likers in Australia- you can be in the draw above, and also be in a second draw- for a copy of Ben Fikkert’s Floriade book. This highly sought after book has recently been reprinted and my copies arrived a short time ago. Please include the country ‘Australia’ in your response on the OneMadTatter Facebook page.

So- to the competition question- I would like to know the most exciting craft purchase you have made! Maybe it is a pattern download? Perhaps some thread? A highly sought after book (Mary Kinior 🙂 )? One of my top 5 would be my sewing cabinet, and another in the short list would be Rebecca Jone’s “complete book of tatting” that i stumbled across at a craft store and helped me ‘get’ the flip!   🙂 Share your most exciting craft purchase on the OneMadTatter Facebook page and you are in the draw 🙂

I can’t wait to hear/read your answers, good luck- until next time Happy Tatting

Fiona T



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5 responses to “500 Likes giveaway- OneMadTatter

  1. Congrats on making 500 likes!!!

    My most exciting craft purchase…there are so many!! I have to say my first tatting needles order was pretty exciting, because I had been wondering how to start tatting on my own (I had learned with borrowed needles). Finally being told where to order and seeing an entire website dedicated to my craft of choice…awesome!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Fiona :-)))

  3. Wow, 500…that’s awesome!

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