Nearly there: Jan’s doily 2

A quick update on this doily. I have finished the second last round. It was a challenging round, with each ring and chain with varied stitch counts, it took me 14 repeats to remember the pattern  without checking each ring against the diagram. (Usually it takes me 3 repeats)


I have nearly psyched myself up to complete the final round. After reading the pattern diagram a number of times, I think I can follow the stitch count…when I am a bit more awake tomorrow I might even start the final round.
Until next time, happy tatting,
Fiona T



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7 responses to “Nearly there: Jan’s doily 2

  1. I have done a few things from the Jan’s books and find that his stitch count is always difficult to remember. Plus he gives his way, traditional and counts for both on his diagrams and then sometimes there are counts missing from a round. Each row is a challenge. Your Doily looks great and you have controlled those long chains gracefully.

  2. Barbara G

    It sure is turning out beautiful…!

  3. Really beautiful. I love the colour combination.

  4. Take heart, Fiona …. it looks Gorgeous & that will always stay with you … when you look at it, the beauty is what you will see & forget the frustrations ;-)))
    I, too, need 3 repeats to memorize, unless I am totally focussed & deliberately set out to memorize !

  5. Oooh, what beautiful colors you are using for this doily! I love that color of blue and white together! Very, very nice!

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