Wow … that few weeks went fast …

This wonderful project will be presented to the public from today! I hope to see this fabulous project in Melbourne over the ANZAC weekend. I am so happy to have a small part in this community project- and commemorate the ANZACs. Lest we forget.


Good morning poppy friends.

We are now into our final week of organisation before the big event next week.

11062341_900324396677548_6634209880454863734_nFor the past two years we have been collecting your beautiful poppies for what promises to be the most spectacular community event on the Anzac Centenary Calendar, and for the past eight weeks we have been working solidly on the physical display … it has taken every ounce of energy and every second of our time and the help of many hundreds of volunteers to get to where we are today… we have constructed 80 – 10 x 1 metre panels of poppies (800 square metres)  on nets and a further 14 panels  – 2 x 1 metre panels of non yarn poppies … They are absolutely beautiful … works of art and so imbued with our respect and gratitude for our servicemen and women and their families … It has…

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4 responses to “Wow … that few weeks went fast …

  1. Barbara G

    Congratulations for a job well done. They look beautiful to..!

  2. Wow ! Read the stats & other details … amazing handiwork & community togetherness! Waiting to see your contribution, too, as well as more pics of the panels, etc. 🙂

  3. Barbara G

    Glad that I had found out about this even though it was late. So glad to see all the effort and time put in by so, so many. Will continue checking in to see how far this will continue to go. What a fantastic idea this was…, and they are all looking beautiful..!

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