Tray cloth project

Another ebay find, this tray cloth had been embroidered and has a crochet lacey edge. In the ebay picture I want sure if it was tatted or not, and it turns out, it’s not!


It has now been added to my ever lengthening list of projects. I will remove the crochet edge and replace it with a tatted edge….eventually 🙂
Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T



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2 responses to “Tray cloth project

  1. Barbara G

    Looking at the picture it sure looks tatted. But if it’s crochet, replace it! It would look very nice, and I bet you would have fun with it to.

    • Yes Barbara, even up close it was hard to decide, but am sure it is a crochet chain, not a tatted one, because it is pulled out of place in some sections and there is no core thread. Your parcel is on it’s way across the world to you…can’t wait for you to see whats inside 🙂

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