To Kina or not to Kina….a knitting with cotton adventure.

A few months ago I began knitting my second adult Kina. The one I knitted before was in wool, and too warm for summer weather here in Australia. I am happily wearing it in winter, over long sleeved T shirts and skivvies. However, I really want one for the summer, and so found Bendigo Wool Mills 8 ply cotton, in a lovely lilac and have started my second Kina! I hope to have it finished in less than a year 🙂 But have had a couple of setbacks.

The 8 Ply cotton knits up a little looser than it’s wool counterpart, and so the first cast on and increases looked a little gappy. This didn’t bother me too much. The real problem came when I thought I would try a different knitting style than what I currently  use- the much faster looking ‘continental style’. It was after doing a few, much much slower, rows that I decided to go back to my normal knitting style (that I have used for 30 years) and try continental knitting on another project. But first I wanted to get this Kina off my needles so I can make some other projects for some family and close friends having babies soon.  So, I kept knitting and then realised this had happened….

2015-06-25 16.12.41

Can you see it? Yes- a line! When I thought about it, the continental style did pull the threads through in the opposite way to my usual style, and I should have realised this at the time (hind sight, huh!). Having spent so long already on this project I was reluctant to pull it out- so have taken it to a few ‘knitting consultants’ (read: friends and family) to see how obvious this error is (the consensus is that is is VERY obvious). I also cast on a new Kina (I had another ball of this cotton) while I was waiting for feedback from others, and deciding whether to ‘retro knit’ the first one.  2015-06-24 19.48.472015-06-25 16.12.12I took the opportunity to use my new stitch markers, they are little macarons! Very cute- from Bead Passion on ETSY. I also decided to try and ‘fix’ the gaps, so I am using smaller needles and making the next size up of the pattern. Hopefully this will compensate and as it is a forgiving pattern I am confident it will work OK…but will keep you all posted as I progress. I still haven’t taken off the other Kina from the needles…when I need the next ball of cotton I will muster the courage 😉

Is there a project you have needed courage to start over?

Until next time, Cappy Crafting

Fiona T





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8 responses to “To Kina or not to Kina….a knitting with cotton adventure.

  1. That is such a shame ! Yes, the line does show.

    Don’t know whether this will help, but here’s a thought :
    Take a thick crochet hook or some such (it shouldn’t snag the work) and insert it into a stitch. Gently roll/swirl the hook within the edges of the stitch, trying to bring it into shape, aligning with the other rows. If required, you could dampen a segment …. like blocking.
    This can be time consuming, but you will soon know whether it is working or not.

    I do hate having to unravel & reknit . So if the above works, that would mean continuing onwards 🙂
    All the best…

    • Thanks Muskaan, that is a great idea! I might give that a try later today, never know it might work, there are only approx 900 stitches. It also sounds easier than retro tatting! Thanks!

      • Would love to know your results 🙂
        Instead of a single stitch at a time, perhaps dampen a segment & align with fingers for quicker results …. provided it all works 😉

  2. I had a sock that wouldn’t fit on my foot. After four months of time out I was finally ready to pull it apart and start over. The one with the sideways toe is still in time out. Sometimes it takes a while to work up the courage to do what you know you need to.

    • Great example. I like the “time out” idea. Yes, sometimes courage needs to be found, and other situations just an opportunity to have the problem hibernate to be able to problem solve!

  3. I’m very interested in the progress, any updates

    • I have done a little more. was distracted this week with making booties and hats for family and friends who are having babies soon, and also getting ready as work ramps up again this week 🙂

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