Clear Clover shuttles from Japan

I love getting packages, and yesterday two arrived! One was a magazine I found on ebay, and the other was from Japan, and held some very special shuttles. The Anna magazine was published in 1998, and is an English translation of the German publication. There are quite a few tatting patterns here, which was a lovely surprise.



The clear, white and “tortoise shell” plastic shuttles were purchased online the weekend before last from aphyu-tatting in Japan. It was very tempting to buy some books also, but international postage and my inability to read Japanese led me to decide just to purchase shuttles.
Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T



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4 responses to “Clear Clover shuttles from Japan

  1. Pretty clear shuttles and lucky find on the Anna Mag. Whenever I use my fake tortoise shell shuttle it is shuttle number one. I have a few books on order too and always order a shuttle or three….. One can never have enough shuttles don’t you think?

  2. Barbara G

    I have some clear shuttles, but they are very big and I don’t know if I will ever use them or not. Maybe some day…yours look smaller, so maybe I should look for some of them..!

  3. I got them from here- very fast postage, from Japan to Australia in under 10 days! They seem to have 45 in stock- perhaps worth a look?

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