Crochet Frenzy

As well as knitting, I have been crocheting kid’s hats. In the past I have made some for my son, including the R2D2 hat and some slouchy beanies. 2013-08-10 R2D2The most recent one I can share is the frog hat I made for my youngest nephew. The pattern is from and was quite quick to make. Australian and UK crocheters should note that this is an American pattern, and uses the US terms for stitches.2015-08-19 frog At her blog Amy has many other easy to follow crochet patterns too- so do pop over and have a look. I wonder if there is a novelty item that you have enjoyed crafting?

Until next time, happy crafting 🙂

Fiona T.



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3 responses to “Crochet Frenzy

  1. Barbara G

    Just adorable. I don’t have anyone to make them for at this time, but I will have to keep them in mind just in case. They are all adorable, and the colors are perfect..! Great job…

    • Thanks Barbara- My son is getting to old for novelty anything, and truthfully my nephew wasn’t that thrilled with the hat. It’s always good to keep track of what is out there, then they are easier to find when the occasion arises 🙂 Best wishes.

  2. That frog is awesome! Your nephew will love it!

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