Waiting for a precious arrival

I have only recently gotten back to tatting after the last few months of knitting and crocheting for the arrival of our newest family member, our Neice. I wanted to keep the work I was doing a secret until it was finished, and presented to my sister. Now I have given these to my sister I can share then with you all too!


Here they are, my niece’s first hatbox and shoe box.


In the hatbox there were 6 hats. The lady bird and “kitty” hats were bought from a small hand craft shop when we visited Tambourine Mountain in Queensland earlier this year. The others I made- pixie hood in mauve and black (vintage pattern from my own collection), cabbage patch hat (ravellry pattern), princess leia (etsy pattern), and a “bee hive” (my own design).


In the shoe box I had made a variety of “Mary Jane” style shoes and socks, from a vintage pattern in my own collection. I made a variety of sizes, from 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months, so hopefully there are lots of opportunities for her to wear these over the coming year.
Now I’m back to tatting, using a beautiful hand dyed thread and an Iris Niebach pattern… I will share that in my next post.
Until next time, happy crafting.
Fiona T



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6 responses to “Waiting for a precious arrival

  1. Oh Fiona, as usual you have been extremely busy making very beautiful things. The boxes themselves are just gorgeous..! That in itself was quite an accomplishment. All your handmade items are gorgeous as most of your work is. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. Hugs., Barbara

  2. How beautiful everything is !! You’ve put in so much love, thought & effort into this gift. Your little niece will look adorable !!!
    You are very talented 🙂

  3. What a delightful presentation for some very special and adorable baby items! Absolutely clever idea and I’m sure everyone was amazed!

    • Thanks for commenting kathynik- Yes, my sister was touched- she knows we (mum and I) were making things but just what was a surprise. Mum had knitted some jackets and pinafore type dresses that co-ordinate with the shoes too.

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