An Iris Niebach pattern and Hand dyed thread

Here is my most recently finished tatting piece. It is a small doily designed by Iris Niebach- Beatrice from her Tatted Doilies book. I really like that it is made in one pass- though I did have to refill my shuttle 3 times- the last time to make the final 3 small rings- that was a bit annoying.  The thread is beautiful to work with, and was hand made by a local talented tatter and Etsy store owner- Lea (& facebook link). It is size 40 thread, but I have lost the tag with the name of the dyelot colour. Liyarra mentioned that this particular pattern is notorious for being difficult- but aside from my own inattention (creating the need to retro tat) I had no problems with this pattern using this thread. 

Iris Niebach- Beatrice design

Iris Niebach- Beatrice design

I have 2 other colours of thread that I bought from Lea too- a lovely green and a blend called “crocus” which is mauve and yellow. I wonder what I will make with them? The next thing I want to do is finish a table centre for another of my sisters- so I will get back to that this evening I hope. I will share more progress on that next time. 

Until next time, Happy Tatting

Fiona T



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4 responses to “An Iris Niebach pattern and Hand dyed thread

  1. Barbara G

    Turned out beautiful…! The color is perfect, and I like the thread size to. I go more for the finer threads. Good job. Is that a free pattern?

  2. Very beautiful – tatting & colour 🙂
    What is the approx diameter of this doily, Fiona ?
    I can follow the path easily in this one, so I wouldn’t consider it difficult except for the long chains 😉 I love how she can create elaborate designs in one pass – brilliant !
    This book has been on my to-buy list ….. waiting for my book store to order it ;-(

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