1,000 likers give away

For those wondering, my sister had her beautiful baby girl 2 weeks ago. I can hardly wait to snap some pictures of her in her coordinated hats and bootees πŸ™‚ Thanks for the well wishes so many of you sent through πŸ™‚

2015 nov 1000 likes giveaway photo for blog.jpeg

The facebook page has been at over 1,000 likes for a couple of weeks now. I recall this time last year when we went from 400 to 500 likes in November- so to double the number of followers over 12 months is fabulous for a hobby page! (Well, I think so anyway πŸ™‚ ) Thanks for following my crafty adventures. At the end of this post will be the instructions for the giveaway entry, and the picture above shows part of the craft pack I will send- at present there is a vintage book, 2 skeins of hand dyed thread and a white Japanese clover shuttle. I have tried to keep it small and flat to hopefully reduce postage if the winner is not based in Australia. As always, this craft pack comes from my ‘stash’ and I have purchased all items myself- I received no endorsement or donation from any business for any of these items, nor do I have any business motive for this blog or the facebook page. I do hope to include a couple of other flat items in the package to ‘surprise’ the winner πŸ™‚

I have yet to use the White clover type shuttles- but hope they are a dream to use like the plastic tortoise shell version. These post shuttles are just the right size for my hands and hold a good amount of thread.

Another new shuttle I bought was from a tip off from Liyarra, that Spotlight (our craft warehouse type store) had new Birch shuttles in stock, and they were purple! Well, I don’t need much encouragement when something is purple, so I went and bought some to try. The old version of the Birch shuttles were red with a hook and black bobbin, and were good to use but were terribly noisy. Below is a picture of the new shuttle type from Birch in it’s box- and you can see already that there is a bit of a ‘joke’ happening here. It is a clover style shuttle, but has a bobbin! The bobbin doesn’t have any purpose of course. The package also states it is a clear shuttle…well- we can see that it is in fact purple… and on the back of the box a bobbin type shuttle is pictured and it states ‘instructions enclosed’, and both of these claims are untrue. The shuttle itself is OK to use, it is very light and small. I haven’t really used it for long enough to know if it is my new favourite over my Pryms and Tortoise shell clovers….or my thumb shuttles….see I have lots of favourites πŸ™‚ purple birch shuttle.jpgBack of birch shuttle package.jpg

So, now that my year has settled down a little, I have time to manage a giveaway. My son, LittleTacker has come up with the ‘question’. So, in the comments below – please tell us what your favourite shuttle (or needle) is and why? Only relevant comments on the blog will be counted in the random choosing of the winner, and all comments will be moderated before publishing (to keep spam out). Winner will be drawn and announced on Sunday November 29th, at approx 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (AEDT) – so you have just over a week to enter.

I look forward to sharing your shuttle (or needle) stories.

As always- happy tatting πŸ™‚

Fiona T




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73 responses to “1,000 likers give away

  1. Congrats to your sister! I enjoy using the larger Sew Mates, they seem to hold a good amount of thread for a larger project, and they fit my fingers well (I have long fingers).

  2. Many congrats for your sister, 🎊🍼 my favourite shuttle is a beautiful handmade wooden shuttle, I received as a gift from a lovely fellow tatter in the US. It is so smooth it glides through the stitches.
    Thanks so much for the chance to enter your giveaway x

    • Thanks Angela, ahh- a gifted shuttle is very special indeed. I love my Milford vintage one sent to me by a dear friend, and my in the pack aero- from another friend. Cherished indeed πŸ™‚

  3. I usually grab an inexpensive clover/post shuttle. I do like the larger sized ones!

    • Yes- the inexpensive ones are good- they are usually my choice when I travel by air- just in case they don’t make it through security. I haven’t lost any yet though!

  4. Kalli oz

    I started tatting about 18 years ago, but i was taught a different way. I didnt pick it up again till 15 years later I had actually forgotten how to do it. Then i met a wonderful friend on Facebook who re- introduced me to it again. I only learnt how to flip the stitch about 12 months ago. now i can also read most Patterns or Follow them..

  5. Patty Fyffe

    Congratulations to all involved on the newest family member. My all time favorite shuttle is one I received as a gift from Elite Creations. Is a small wooden shuttle with bobbin.

  6. Diane Sakamoto

    Congratulations!! My favorite shuttle is a wooden post shuttle with a hook that holds a ton of thread.

  7. Fiona, How dare you make me chose a favorite shuttle. I do love them all I even have a few I haven’t tried yet. but don’t tell DH. If I must chose it would be a long thin, bone shuttle I picked up at a Vintage fair while on a trip to the West Coast of Canada. It is a pleasure to hold and handles thin (80 plus) threads nicely with a little click click click. The sound reminds me of hearing my mother tat.

    • LOL Bernice, My son wanted to have a “25 words or less” response…I went through just a few of my favourites and the reasons and realised how hard it would be to fit into so few words. The white shuttle in the giveaway is one I haven’t tried yet either…so many shuttles, so little tatting time! And yes- I do like a shuttle with a soothing sound too πŸ™‚

  8. Congrats to you sister and for becoming an auntie.
    That’s a nice giveaway that you are doing. Thank you.
    My favorite shuttle so far are the Aerlit, although there are many that I would like to try. I like the convenience of filling the bobbin using my sewing machine, and the integrated crochet for joining the lace.

    • Thanks Claire- it is nice finally having a baby niece to spoil! I hadn’t ever thought of using the sewing machine to fill the bobbin of the Aerlit…fabulous ‘life hack’…or ‘tat hack’ I suppose. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  9. Roberta

    And here’s me, all set for a nice relaxing day of Tatting. And now I’ve got
    to go find a Spotlight to buy myself a new Shuttles. YIPPEE can’t wait.

  10. Roberta

    Of all the Shuttles I own, I find it hard to choose. But whether it be a
    Clover or some other imported hand made shuttle, it is the one that
    I am using at the moment. But my Best Shuttle it a Stainless Steel
    one made by an Elderly Gentleman when he couldn’t make me
    one from Wood.

  11. Congratulations to your sister. Babies are so much fun, when you are an aunty. My favourite tatting shuttles are the LaCossette’s. I love them because they are beautiful, easy to tat with and have smaller hooks. When I am not using those, I like the small Clovers. They are light and small.

  12. Lilly Baldwin

    I still consider myself learning using a shuttle. I started tatting using a needle and bought a this shuttle years. I have now 2 Sunlit shuttles I like them because they are small and fit my little hands, I love the colors bright and cheery colours it make me happy to tat with them. Happy tatting πŸ™‚

    • I have a new sunlit that I haven’t tried yet…must get it out of the packet and give it a run. I do tend to like smaller shuttles- like you πŸ™‚

      • Lilly Baldwin

        I used a bit of sandpaper on mine to smooth off the plastic manufacturing seams. they do feel so nice in my hands.

  13. Helen Blankenship

    My favories are the Moonlit shuttles because they hold a great amount of thread and have a decent hook attached. Thans for the chance of winning a generous giveaway.

  14. Barbara G

    I have shuttles of all different sizes. It depends on what I’m making as to which one I use. If smaller project than smaller shuttle. I really like playing around with different sizes. What a pretty purple..!

  15. Lottie

    My favorite shuttle to use is a vintage silver shuttle… the particular one ai am thinking of is the only one in my collection that has a real hook, as opposed to a point. I like the feel of the weight of it in my hand, and I like the idea of using something with history – with the spirits of the previous owners guiding my fingers. I imaginine what they tatted with it and what their lives were like. It’s almost like they are tatting with me! Of course, I am afraid of losing it, so I only use it at home. For in the car or doctors offices I use a large plastic clover… not as pretty, but it does the job.

  16. Jennifer Davis

    My first love was the clover shuttles. I’ve branched out since those early years. For larger thread projects I like the larger sew mate shuttles. However my all time favorites are my wooden sidewinder shuttles made by Monica Braxton and her husband. They just feel so smooth when I’m tatting with them.

  17. Barbara Payne

    Congratulations to your sister! I love the Clover shuttles as it is the first one I ever used. I do love the bobbin ones but, Clovers are still my favorites! Just sentimental I guess πŸ™‚ Love the purple shuttle so very pretty!

  18. Shelley F

    I love my albino horn shuttle. It’s the perfect size to hold quite alot of thread, easy to hold onto, but mostly because it was a gift from my husband!

  19. Kathie bowman

    I usually use the clovers or the sewmate but I have a new wooden one ordered and can’t wait to compare!

  20. Carolyn Kotlas

    My current favorite is Moonlit from Handy Hands. The post shuttle holds much more thread than my bobbin shuttles and I like having a hook on a post shuttle.

  21. WOW, 1000 likes!! That’s Awesome, very proud of you. My favorite shuttles are my handmade wooden, post shuttles. My husband likes them because they don’t click.

  22. Janis Wakeley

    Although I have collected a fair number of shuttles over the years, I really only use two! Those are metal Detach-A-Spools with very sharp pick ends. I have tried others but these just feel right in my hand!

  23. Sally

    I use the clover type mostly because I feel it’s the most comfortable one in my hand.

  24. Jane Eborall

    Sixty years ago my favourite shuttle was the Milward one. Shortly after the Aero bobbin shuttles came out I started using those and the old Aeros are still my favourites although occasionally I do try others.

  25. Linda

    I am a brand new tatter. I have wanted to learn for years but couldn’t find anyone to teach me. At a local town festival they had a woman tatting and she showed me how to do the double stitch. So I went out and purchased some shuttles and have gone on the internet to teach myself. I like the Clover shuttles. They are inexpensive and seem to, I guess, glide well if that makes sense. I also purchased an Aero shuttle. It has the hook on the end. It also has the little knob on the back of it and it is a little harder for me so far to use. I would someday like to have a wooden shuttle, they just look so pretty.

  26. Dorothy

    for right now, this day, the SewMate from Hobby Lobby, they’re very comfortable in your hand, inexpensive and seem to hold more thread than the typical clovers….but I use them ALL….metal, wood, hooks, points, each has their own “best feature”, just as tatters do…..and congrats on the little one!!

  27. my favorite shuttle is the custom aero on Etsy by LaCossette: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaCossette

  28. Helen Santiago

    My favorite shuttles are clovers, just right for size 20 and 40 thread and sewmate because the tip is still sharp after accidentally dropping them

  29. When I learnt I learnt on the milwards shuttles, and today I am still using them although I have started using the lacis purple and green shuttles. Last year I was sent two flat shuttles and they are a dream to use. But my heart still belongs to the Milwards although I am open to try new shuttles whatever shape or size.
    Please could I be entered into your draw.

  30. I have never used a shuttle. I learned when I was in my 20’s and used a needle. I did not stick with it and now I am trying to retract my self again. So people say to try this method with the shuttle. Hope I can learn it tatting again.

  31. Lisa Adams

    My favorite shuttle is the small Clover. I’ve tried bobbin shuttles, but just don’t like the feel.

  32. Ert

    I have to say I like the Clover shuttles the best because the thread doesn’t unwind when I don’t want it to. I also like the pick for joining.

  33. Jenny Smits

    Hi there, lovely for you to have a new niece to spoil! I love a small ‘tortoise-shell’ (plastic) shuttle which was my first one, 35 years ago. I had a long stopover at Brisbane airport and practised knots there. I use a couple of colourful clover shuttles also, but am not keen on shuttles with hooks attached.

  34. Tara

    My favorite is a black one I found in my great aunt’s things. I didn’t know she tatted. I tried to learn in high school but couldn’t get the “flip”. I picked it up a couple of years ago and can’t put it down. So many beautiful patterns and I’m going to do my best to work through them.

  35. My favorite is a black one I found in my great aunt’s things. I have always been intrigued with tatting and finally mastered out a couple of years ago. Can’t get enough of it.

  36. Michelle

    Congratulations on a thousand likes!

    My favorite shuttle is a BIRCH clear shuttle with a useless bobbin.

    Just kidding but that did make me laugh aloud, thank you! I a a die hatprd La Cossette shuttle girl. They have an actual bobbin which works, they are small so I can tat at meetings without garnering attention and they are gorgeous which just gives pleasure.

  37. Elizabeth

    There is nothing in this world like a new baby.

  38. Fiona, many many Congratulations – you & family have much to celebrate πŸ™‚
    Very interesting mix-up with bobbin & post shuttle there !
    But what I like best is how your dear son stays so involved in your hobby . It is such joy to be able to share in this manner . He must be thrilled with his little cousin, and your milestone, too .

    Wishing you even more well-deserved success πŸ™‚

  39. Yay for new babies!!! Congrats on being an Auntie! Being an aunt is one of my favorite things. πŸ™‚

    Another of my favorite things are the tortoise-shell Clover shuttles! I started out as a needle tatter and was addicted to my size 7 for many moons, but now that I’ve made the switch to the shuttle I find myself coming back again and again to the plain old tortoise-shell Clovers.

    Why, you ask?
    1) You can see how much thread you still have because the shuttle is clear (ish)
    2) The tips are nice and pointy, perfect for picking out those silly mistakes that seem to occur every now and then (and also for poking your finger, but that’s not really a positive.)


  40. Donna Fousek

    Great that you can do this. You must be one of Santa’s elvs

  41. Hi, congratulations on the new entry to your family! Best wishes for the baby. And the mom. Answer to your question is (although I have not had many different kinds to know exactly, I have seven in all). I love the post shuttle only. Lightweight plastic ones like Clover the best. I have never had a white shuttle or purple the kind you have from Birch. They would be wonderful am sure. Moonlit or Tatsy post shuttles with hooks look good too but I never have had one, just seen them in pictures, so can only imagine they must be good.

  42. Deana

    Hope I do this right….I like the acrylic slider shuttle made in Canada….gorgeous colours and very smooth….the wood ones are really nice too

  43. Congrats on reaching 1000 Likes! And congrats on your beautiful new niece. πŸ™‚
    My current favourite shuttles are the Moonlit shuttles by Handy Hands. Since I’m doing doilies now, I want shuttles that hold a lot of thread, yet aren’t too unwieldy to use. And they must have hooks! I tried sticking hooks on some Starlit shuttles that I have, but these shuttles are really big, and I find them a bit awkward to tat with. The Moonlit shuttles are just right – twice as much thread as a bobbin shuttle, but still not too big, so I can tat easily with them. And I don’t have to stick on any hooks because they already have them! πŸ™‚ Besides that, they’re well-made – the plastic is sturdy and the points stay together even after many windings and unwindings between them.

  44. Winnie van Vegchel

    My silent tatting shuttles are my favorite – have wooden and resin ones. Feel good in my hand, and have a bobbin for easy winding. With the thin thread I use, I wind them on my sewing machine!

  45. Barbara G

    Eager to see pictures of your new niece. I bet she is a little angel.
    I have wound bobbins on the machine, but not very often. Only when it’s a larger project…

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