Some more Angelinas

This week I was able to make 2 and a half more of these little angels.  They are so cute,  I am making a few for close family this year.  They stand at just under 4cm high. The pattern is from Lea at AlenAlea Designs:


I am using size 40 milford mercerized white,  the purple and gold size 50 Altin Basak metallic thread.  When I have used the metallic thread for jewelry in the past,  the metallic thread often broke when I closed rings,  but using them now in the chain only part of the pattern is really easy, and the thread has not frayed.

I have also been busy getting another creative idea of the ground: WISE Dolls- Working In STEAM Enterprises Dolls (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) and have just launched the blog today.  This idea encourages young people to make (upcycle) their own dolls to reflect their interests and possible future careers.  If you are interested in following the adventures there the blog is:

Until next time- happy creating
Fiona T



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8 responses to “Some more Angelinas

  1. These are so cute, great job.

  2. Very cute angelinas 🙂
    I’ve been reading your new blog …. Very interesting ! Congratulations & wishes for a resounding success . I’ll be sending you a PM later ….

  3. Lovely Angelines I like the gold and purple , I saw them on Facebook but I can’t remember if I left a comment so I am leaving you one on here.
    I have passed a link of your doll site to my grand daughter

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