Online class

A while ago,  during a craftsy sale, I bought access to Marilee’s “Next steps in shuttle tatting” online class.  I have watched through a couple of classes during January and printed the class materials. Finally on Thursday evening I decided to load up my shuttles and beads and get started.  I learned how to do Catherine Wheel joins – a technique I had always converted to lock joins in the past. After watching Marilee and a couple of tries I now realize the difference in the joins and am very pleased with the effect. 


I also like the convenience of this format of classes- the sequence and included materials are a new approach for me.  In the past I have worked somewhat randomly with YouTube and the online tatting classes Georgia Seitz runs, as a just in time learning tool for a specific technique.  All are fabulous resources too, with great flexibility.

I wonder which formats you like to learn through, and if you have been surprised with a particular product?
Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T


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