Happy Easter, and some ebay ‘wins’

Happy Easter to all my followers and readers at onemadtatter!  I have been trying to balance my crafting time with work and study.
Spending time on the craftsy online class yesterday saw the production of 2 daisy picot pendants. I am much happier with the green one,  possibly because the beads are smaller and sit better.  Both are made in size 40 threads,  emptying other shuttles. 

I also had some shuttles arrive from an ebay ‘win’- the highly sought Milward shuttle, and a white plastic shuttle (advertised as bone… but definitely plastic), and a Judith Conor book that I had only seen at my library years ago.  Lots of great info in this one! 



Best wishes for the Easter season, until next time,  happy tatting!
Fiona T



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2 responses to “Happy Easter, and some ebay ‘wins’

  1. You are one lucky lady, I love my milwards shuttles I hope you enjoy them and your new book.

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