Leaf Doily takes shape

Over the last 12 months I have been working periodically on this leaf doily for my sister. You may remember that I improvised a BeStitched bookmark pattern by Nancy Tracey, into this doily. It is made in size 40 Altin Basak thread.  After getting some advice about how to finish it from the tat and chat group, I decided to try it. I wasn’t sure if this chain based edging would work. .. it could become a little loopy. So I have just blocked it lightly to see how it turns out.


It could be ok once it is dry, if not I will cut away the chains and try another of the many options put to my by the tat and chat group. Then I will finally be able to give it to my sister. ..before her kitchen colour scheme changes I hope! 
I wonder if you have improvised a pattern before,  how did it turn out?  Were there ‘back to the drawing board’ moments? 
Until next time
Happy tatting
Fiona T



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4 responses to “Leaf Doily takes shape

  1. I like the way you have put together the leaves to create a fabric 🙂

  2. I saw this as a WIP in an earlier post, but only just now noticed that you changed the direction of the leaves with each row. Did you place a picot on each tail for joining? It’s a great idea. I look forward to the picture of it in its new home.

    • It was made in 3 peices, with the leaves joined with pivots on the long side, as in the book mark pattern that I used. I joined the tips of the leaves to an opposite leaf as I was making the rows to join. Perhaps I should blog with a diagram to show this? Thanks Eliz.

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