Doily Clock in planning

Last week I had the bright idea to make the 12 pointed starlight doily into a clock.  I went to the local spotlight (craft store in Australia) this week, and found the parts I needed.  While there wasn’t a huge choice,  there was a variety in size of the clock face and hands to fit this small doily. 



We recently painted a chest of drawers and have some white paint left, so I will paint the board white and then mount the doily and the clock mechanisms.  I wonder what the best way to attach it will be? Maybe hot glue? Hmmm… do you have any ideas?  Please let me know in the comments or on facebook :).
Until next time
Happy tatting
Fiona T



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15 responses to “Doily Clock in planning

  1. Carol

    I would use something like pva that dries clear 😃

  2. This doily tat-along began on Craftree precisely because Kersti wanted a 12-point doily for a clock face ! But so far you are the only one who is actually making one 🙂
    I agree about PVA glue. In fact even fabric glue would work splendidly — for my Chains in Shuttle Tatting samplers I used fabric glue & when I tried to unlogged them later (to revise & update & reformat), it was very difficult — used a paper knife to kind of scrape them out carefully.

    • Thanks Muskaan- I had quite forgotten that’s where it started! I will have to think if I want to remove it at all in the future. Food for thought already! Thanks everyone.

  3. Your doily looks lovely and this is a great idea. As to attaching the doily, do you really want glue on it would making very small holes and sewing the doily in various points be better then in years to come if the clock went wrong you could just take the doily off, I think you might need a glass cover over the clock face to keep it clean.

  4. Shelly

    Great idea. It will be beautiful.

  5. Joan Thomas

    Henna designed a tatted clock face as well, its in her 2015 book. You can contact her

  6. Kathleen Minniti

    Here in the states we have spray-on glue that is actually archival quality. See if you can find some of that. Spray the back of the doily, then press it into place.

  7. Barbara G

    All of this sounds great. Thanks Kathleen, I’ve never heard of the spray on glue. Making holes sounds better to me to. Those clocks last quite a while, but if you change you mind about it, it would come off easy enough that way. Great idea!

  8. This doily is perfect for a clock, with the ‘points’ being nicely prominent to indicate the hour. You might lightly stiffen the doily, then attach it via ‘brads’ to some plain fabric glued to a cardboard backing, like felt or suede. Brads (in ‘gold’ and ‘silver’, are sold in the scrapbook sections of craft stores. No sewing needed and the brads will look like beads. I often use brads to ‘anchor’ tatting on my pendants, which are backed by ‘velvet’ paper.

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