Crocheted Owl Hat

I have recently been buying and downloading a few different patterns from ravelry, etsy and craftsy. This is the first one I have actually made. The hat is for me, so it is in purple (not cream like in the pattern), and I am pleased the owls still stand out. I frogged this pattern a few times, the 3D effect was a bit confusing, with layers of stitches in some sections a bit hard for me to count.  I’m happy to say that perseverance had paid off,  and I finished the last section today.  The pattern is by Carlinda Lewis at TheHookHound on Etsy.


With winter on the way I am looking forward to wearing this hat very soon.
I wonder if you have made anything for yourself lately?
Until next time,
happy tatting
Fiona T



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2 responses to “Crocheted Owl Hat

  1. Barbara G

    Just beautiful..! Love the purple much better than a a cream color. And the buttons on it add another special touch to it.

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