Finished my second Kina

I have just finished sewing the button on my latest Kina. This is the one I started last year in March, and decided a few rows in to try a different style of knitting, which put a noticeable line in the garment. I tried a couple of things to fix it,  but decided to cut my losses and frog it. I also began knitting for the arrival of my neice,  so left this kina to grow very slowly. 
Now it’s May 2015 and here is the finished kina, using the Lady Kina (design 40) pattern from kids tricots on ravelry. I used 8 ply  Bendigo Wool Mills Cotton, Hollyhock colour. I really loved working with this cotton, it was so soft. I still have a ball and a half left,  so might make a version for my neice in this before using the wool I have stashed for her.  Or maybe I will make a hat or two. 


Below is a photo of me sewing up one of the only 2 seams in this jacket. 


I wonder what projects you are close to finishing? 
Until next time, happy crafting
Fiona T



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2 responses to “Finished my second Kina

  1. Barbara G

    The dress is just adorable. Nice soft color. I have to get back into it as soon as other things slow down. Two deaths in one month….sad time.

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