Scaling up a knitting pattern

It seems my neice has outgrown many of the shoes I made for her.

My sister loved the little Mary Janes the best, so I wanted to make a larger size. Unfortunately the pattern books I have only go up to 6 month size. So this week I sat with the original pattern and attempted to scale it up. I used the ratio of stitch increases from the smaller sized patterns and wrote out my own version. Today I finished knitting the first prototype, and I will hopefully visit my neice soon to try it on for size.


The proportion of shoe to sock looks to balance, so if this fits ok I will make a few pairs for her winter wardrobe…is getting very chilly in Melbourne!
Until next time happy crafting
Fiona T



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3 responses to “Scaling up a knitting pattern

  1. Barbara G

    When they are that young they grow SO fast…!

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