Retro-tatting to fix mistakes

I’ve been a tatting enthusiast for over twenty years, and actually tatting regularly for over fifteen years. For a long time in the early days I believed the myth that you could’t un-tat (retro-tat) a ring. It’s quite lucky I found the online tatting world, and was able to learn this invaluable skill. I often get distracted while tatting, and will make the ring the wrong size, like I did tonight, realising as I close the ring that I have repeated the peak ring. 

Retro-tatting does take time, but I think it’s better to fix the mistake than ruin the item I am making- it is always quicker than starting the item again. 

I also wanted to show any new tatters that mistakes are part of learning, and knowing/learning how to fix mistakes is a step towards mastery. I wonder if you have triumphed over something you believed was too difficult in your crafting? 
Until next time, happy retro-tatting. 

Fiona T 



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8 responses to “Retro-tatting to fix mistakes

  1. Barbara G

    That is why I don’t like to tat while watching TV, but …I’m guilty. I have undone so many rings that now I have become pretty good at it and don’t mind taking them out at all.
    Here is one of my mistakes that I have been doing lately. When finishing up a new pattern I have forgotten to to connect something, like the one I just finished. To much to take apart and I’m not going to through it out, so I will find a way to cut of a picot, glue stick it, and then attach it to the picot I was supposed to attach it too. Not correct, but….it will be starched and who will know but me. OK…now you!

  2. Nicely put ; wise words 🙂
    And the best part is that there are multiple ways to fix mistakes !!!
    Wonder what changes you’ve made , coz my blogroll is showing an extremely enlarged pic from your post , extending beyond the page?

  3. I went backwards more than forwards when I first started… Also as Barbara G says, forgetting to join. I tie the picots together and hide the thread ends. I don’t trust glue over the long term.

    • Another good solution. I threw out so many projects when I started… I didn’t realise I could salvage them! Even sometimes cutting away and hiding the join didn’t occur to me.

  4. Michelle

    I’ve been tatting for 35 years now and also believed a closed ring was it. Thank goodness for the Internet and the help that people have put out there. I’v been a “mad tatter” ever since I learned how to open them, tatting every spare moment for the last 10 years. I can even open my old vintage thread, size .tatting crochet”. The woman who taught me would be so amazed, opening rings, split rings, split chains, SCMR and more! It’s a whole new world!

    • I know Michelle, it is amazing what people have come up with. Add to that pattern diagramming and there have been some amazing advances in the last 20 years! Such a vibrant craft and so much fun.

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