1,500 likers giveaway

I’m very excited to announce a new giveaway to celebrate 1,500 likers on the One Mad Tatter Facebook page. There will be two prizes – one for my Australian and New Zealand followers, and one for my international followers. For my local followers, I will put together a craft pack- including a vintage tatting book and Alenalea thread, that I will post to you. The ever increasing price of international postage means that the International prize will be a selection of PDF tatting patterns, that can be delivered by email to you.

The threads and PDF patterns will come from Alenalea’s Etsy shop . The International winner will get the 2015 snowflakes pattern and have a choice of 2 other patterns from Alenalea’s store. I have organised to pay for these patterns on your behalf and email them to you. Once again- this is a hobby blog and I have no commercial motive, only that I would like to support local and international tatters. Thanks to the lovely Lea for letting me gift her patterns in this round-about way.

For the local winner – I have added a photo of the books I will give away below. I will also include some of Lea’s lovely threads (from my stash) and some beads and little tatting knit knacks.


To enter: please answer the question by commenting below, or on the One Mad Tatter Facebook page under the post where this link is shared. The prize will be drawn next Sunday, November 20th at 16.00 (4pm) Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time. I will list all of your names in the order you have commented, assign a number and get my random number generator (AKA my son, Little Tacker) to pick a number. I will announce the winner on the facebook page and blog on Sunday November 20th,  after the draw.

THE QUESTION: I wonder what is your favourite pattern to make and why? It may be a tatting pattern, or another craft.

In other news: Recently, I did enjoy test tatting and making Alenalea’s little christmas tree 🙂 This was made in size 50 Altin Basak threads, with some seed beads and a little bell added. They would make a nice earring in this size, although I think I will add some ribbon and use it as an ornament alongside some little Angels from last year.



So, good luck with your entries, and I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.

As always, happy tatting,

Fiona T



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34 responses to “1,500 likers giveaway

  1. Georgia’s heart pattern, simple and visual.

  2. Deana

    I like all of Teri Dusenbury’s heart patterns

  3. Eileen Stafford’s snowflake (2000). I can make different variations of it by swapping out the center or changing the number of points to get a fancy star. The stitch count is also easy to remember. It’s especially pretty in #20 blue ice.

  4. Katie Davis

    Katie Johnsons 3-dimensional angel 🙂

  5. Elizabeth B.

    Love the little Angels.

  6. Barbara G

    All your tatted pieces are very nice and I especially love the little tree. Maybe if small enough could be worn as earrings. Very nice…

  7. Patricia Fyffe

    Mary Konior’s Glass Mat

  8. Michelle

    Hmm, depends on my mood but I do love most patterns from Frivole as they always are well designed and lay flat without mangling into shape. I love the quatrain bookmark but don’t make it as often as I would like to.
    I sure would love some help with that angel. I saw it on your blog a long time ago and made beautiful wings. For the life of me, I can’t get the body to work. Any chance you’d make a video?

    • Oh… that is a shame… in the photo you can see the first gold skirted angel and last one have different sized skirts… the last one was the practise one and I did an extra repeat (whoops). I’ll see if Lea might make a video ( or a photo tutorial), they really aren’t my forte, and at the moment I am really focussed on study as my learning curve. Good suggestion Michelle, thanks.

  9. Jane Eborall’s SCMR butterfly. It’s pretty, clever and wonderful for using up short lengths of thread.

  10. PS, excellent idea to give away digitally and in the real world!

    • Thanks Jane… so glad digital is an option today… it also means I can get the patterns to the winner almost instantly once confirming their choice and email. Good luck.

  11. WOW! Congrats, I can’t believe it! It seems like yesterday, you had just received your 100 likes. Thatvwent fast or maybe time is moving quicker than I think. My favorite patterns are from Lene Bjorn tatted crosses. It was the first tatting book and the only thing I tatted from, for the first 2 years.

  12. We have already had a conversation about my favourite pattern on Facebook of the Mary Konors butterfly, but I thought I would leave a comment on here for you. Time never stands still just like our shuttles they fly with thread.

  13. Carol

    Not a favourite pattern as I really haven’t tatted a lot of things but most definitely the dragon . I love the look of it and it was also a challenge doing those wings, plus I think it’s the most dare I say it but professional looking piece I’ve completed.

    • Hi Carol, yes, the dragon has just enough to challenge a tatter with a finished peice that looks lovely. Every time I make them I have to really think through the wings!

  14. My favorite pattern is Mary Konior’s Large Cross. I love to give framed crosses as gifts. Second favorite is snowflakes.

  15. Leslie Prest

    If I was crocheting it would be the Bavarian Stitch Blanket its so pretty when finished but at the moment I am trying to learn Tatting so any easy pattern I can get my hands on is a favourite. I am currently waiting on my first Tatting Book so am relying on Youtube which is a marvellous thing.

  16. Leslie Prest

    Currently learning to Tat so I don’t have a favourite – Youtube is such a marvellous thing as I am still waiting to receive a book that I ordered on Tatting. If it was crochet it would have to be the Bavarian Stitch Blanket – it is such a pretty pattern.

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