Revisiting the Tatted Tardis pattern


Last week I decided to tat another Tardis, and I dug out the pattern and threads to begin. I decided to try and get an idea of the amount of thread needed on each shuttle to make one, and measured out 4.5m of thread for each shuttle. As I had some thread left on each shuttle I will try again this week with 3 meters of thread – hopefully not too much left over.

This is a great pattern to practice split rings on, and there is one split chain too. Once mastered, these two techniques open up a lot of opportunities in tatting, including being able to reduce the number of ends to sew in on older patterns.

The Tardis pattern is one I adapted and shared a long time ago, that Anne Bruvold kindly added to her original version of the pattern as an adaptation Anne B’s Tatted Tardis, available for download from here: . I have tweaked it again to add a white ring to act as the ‘notice’ on the window of the Tardis.

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Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T



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5 responses to “Revisiting the Tatted Tardis pattern

  1. Jane

    Personally I think you waste a lot more thread trying to get the ‘right amount’ on the shuttles anyway!!! I know I try to specify how much in my patterns but personally I never ever heed my own ‘advice’!!! I’d rather add in more thread as I go – specially as that can be done invisibly!!!! Also I wind back surplus thread onto the ball too. I may be the laziest tatter in Tat Land!!!

    • Lol Jane. I have so many bobbins with bits left! I reprinted Mark Meyers paisley pattern and will try and empty some shuttles and bobbins soon.

    • Not lazy Jane- inventive! As I generally use size 40 or 50 thread, the amounts listed in patterns is usually too much when I make them, so tatted doodles like Jon’s flutters are my go to. 😊

  2. Love this pattern and was surprised at how easy it was. Good Split Ring Practice.

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