First project for 2017- mandala shrug 

Happy new year to everyone following one mad tatter. Best wishes for the year ahead. 

On boxing day I decided to start on this crochet mandala shrug, designed by Marinke Slump and Anita Mundt. I had one and a half balls of the Bendigo Wool Mills 8ply Cotton in Hollyhock colour left over from the kina I knitted earlier in 2016. I had thought I would do something special with the left over so had purchased a ball of Bendigo Wool Mills 8ply cotton in parchment colour to contrast with it. The shrug seemed like a good choice to use these lovely yarns. 

This project worked up pretty quickly in my evenings, and I completed it tonight. I now have much less of the yarn left over. I will look for a small project to finish it off…and will try not to buy more yarn ‘just in case’. 

Have you completed any projects yet this year? Perhaps you have some crafty fun planned? 

Until next time 

Happy crafting 

Fiona T 



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2 responses to “First project for 2017- mandala shrug 

  1. I was confused as to how one wears this ;-P Looked up Google & remembered I’ve pinned a couple, except the models were wearing them 😀
    Yours should look pretty indeed !

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