Diamond sword blanket in progress

Early last year I began crocheting squares for a minecraft themed Diamond sword blanket. I found a picture on the internet of a 15 x 15 pixelated image, using 9 colours. I have been crocheting granny squares ever since (or so it seems lol). I thought I was close to finishing, so recently got out all the peices and organised them into strips. I was then able to asssemble the blanket to see how many squares I had left to make. It seems I still have a way to go! 

 Until next time, 

Happy crafting 

Fiona T 



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4 responses to “Diamond sword blanket in progress

  1. Carol

    Love how you’re keeping them in their rows.

  2. Weeeelllll you may have a bit of a way to go but remember you’ve broken the back of it and the rest is downhill. Think of the end result – it’s going to be stunning.

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