One I forgot- Kina from 2016

I finished this Kina for my niece in time for her birthday in October last year (2016). For some reason I forgot to blog about it- so here it is.

The Kina is the toddler pattern from Ravelry: . Made in 8ply Bendigo Wool Mills milky way wool (made with wool and 17% milk fibre) jupiter colour.

It was the first big item I made on my bamboo circular needles. As this pattern required changing the needle size between the neckline and the main bodice, I really appreciated being able to change the needle tips without loosing any stitches.

The toddler size certainly knitted up quicker than the grown up one! With the weather cooling off rapidly now, my niece has been wearing this a bit lately. It looks like it will fit her for a while yet, and washes up really well.

Finished kina milky way 2016kina milky way july 2016Until next time, happy crafting

Fiona T



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2 responses to “One I forgot- Kina from 2016

  1. Barbara G

    Just adorable. Love the color..!

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