Hooded neck warmer- finished

A few weeks ago I looked at my stash of wool and decided that I had probably made enough jackets for my niece and that I should make something for myself. 

The Bendigo wool mills Bold Bamboo plum jam colour was calling to me. I had bought it to make a hooded neck warmer, but the pattern was a bit daunting.  The pattern was purchased from While they play, and is called “through the woods”. There were a few new (for me) techniques like picking up stitches to make the neck and button bands. I decided I would learn as I went, and so cast on the first row. 

Much of the pattern was straight forward, and enjoyable to knit.  When I did get stuck I visited the While they play blog and found photo tutorials which helped me through. 

And here we are, a few weeks later with a complete hood.  It is really warm, and comfy. Sometimes it is better to dive in and build skills as you need them.  

Until next time, happy crafting 

Fiona T 



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2 responses to “Hooded neck warmer- finished

  1. Barbara G

    It turned out beautiful..! Such a pretty color to and I love cables. Keep up the good work…

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