Happy New Year for 2018

To all of my followers on onemadtatter, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my  crafty fun. Best wishes for a great 2018. 

I have been relaxing over the last week and making these little squares to send to Brussels for the ‘tat bombing’ of a monument there. 

The suggested pattern is pleasant to work up and easily remembered, so I can make these quickly each time I have a chance. Each square takes about 20 minutes to complete. I have made 16 so far, and estimate I can make another 4 with the thread I have remaining. 

What is on your shuttles at the moment? 

Until next time, happy tatting 

Fiona T



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4 responses to “Happy New Year for 2018

  1. Happy new year to you and your family,
    Yes it’s been my Christmas tatting too, I try to make one a day, well that was the plan and so far I have done that, I’m not well at the moment and take tables which make me sleep, I have slowed right up, but I am determined to make as many possible. I’m looking forward to seeing the final results when they are all made up. Well done in the amount you have made

    • I’m happy to hear you are enjoying getting these done. Sorry to hear you are slowing down. Hoping you are able to ‘speed up’ a little soon. So lovely to hear from you today, happy new year.

  2. Barbara G

    Very pretty. Pink is not one of my colors, but I do have to say that it’s a very pretty pink your using. I have been sick with a bad cold for over a week now, and can’t seem to shake it. Haven’t had one in years, and now I can’t say that anymore. You always have so many nice little projects that you are working on. Keep up the good work.!

    • Thanks Barbara. I had to buy the pink for this project as I don’t use a lot of size 20 thread. Sorry to hear you are unwell- hope you have a quick recovery. As always, thanks for your support and encouragement.

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