1,800 followers give away

With all of the exciting things happening in the tatting world more people have found my blog and associated facebook page. When I checked this morning the facebook page was up to 1,806 followers. So, to share my excitement I am going to have a little giveaway.


Here are the four books which I will post to the winner of the giveaway**.

Two are vintage publications, one is a recent reprint of a vintage publication and the hard cover ‘new dimensions in tatting’ is an ex-library copy of 1994 reprint. Some really great patterns in these books and ideas for taking tatting in different directions too. These books all have lovely items, and I have made things from most of them- for example: the anchor doily I made for my sister is a republished pattern from the ‘Coats 1088- learn tatting’ book on the right; The tatted collar I made for a christmas present is from ‘Coats 660 Learn Tatting (middle back); and one of my favourite handkerchief edgings is from the re-printed ‘tatting 2 more doilies and edges’.

Details on how to enter: The books in the prize pack have some of my favourite tatting patterns in them. In the comments below on the blog or on this facebook post please let me know–  What is your favourite tatting pattern at the moment? 

Only relevant comments on the blog will be counted in the random choosing of the winner, and all comments will be moderated before publishing (to keep spam out). Winner will be drawn and announced on Sunday February 4th, 2018 at 4pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (AEDT) – so you have over a week to enter.

Looking forward to reading your comments 🙂

Best of luck and happy tatting

Fiona T

**I have purchased all of these books personally. There is no business motive for this giveaway. Three of the items are second hand books, and have some wear as expected with vintage/second hand pattern books. Each comment on the blog and facebook page will count as a separate entry. The order of comments will be noted and my son will choose the winner using a random number generator. The giveaway is open to all followers with an address I can post to. I will contact the winner via email/facebook messenger and announce on the facebook page and blog, you will have three days to respond otherwise the prize will be re-drawn.



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91 responses to “1,800 followers give away

  1. pandoreya

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! My favourite pattern ever is the Frivole butterfly. I have made many and I love them. The pattern is very clever and the butterfly gorgeous!

  2. Laura Ast

    I am using an older pattern for an edging that I am making into a hat band.

  3. Thanks for sharing the give away with us, My favorite pattern at the moment is snowflakes for this years Christmas card stuffers. I love sharing the art.

    • I’m glad I put ‘at the moment’ into the question- it is definitely the season for snowflakes. I like that they are quick to do and make a nice small gift. I used the Angelina’s as small gifts this year.

  4. Becky Velarde

    I am using a small square (can’t remember where I found it) to start a shawl! Going to be a long term project!

  5. I agree, there are many events happening now in the tatting world. At the moment my favorite pattern is Irene Woo, butterfly heart. I never seem to tire of this pattern and plan to use them as giveaways. I am stocking up on them as I am planning a few trips this spring.

  6. Beth

    My favorite right now is and “End of Summer” ice drop. I plan to do some more soon .. after finishing the blanket for my new expected grand baby.

  7. Sharon Peterson

    My favorite right now is the heart pattern from “Learn to Tat” by Janette Baker

    Sharon Peterson

  8. My favourite pattern is a necklace called Cinderella made by Claudia Cattaneo.

  9. Mary Marshall

    I’m a new tatter. I’m working on the third pattern in ‘Marilee Rockley bead tatting. I think it’s going to be my new favorite. Thank you for the chance x

  10. Frauke K.

    Thanks for your blog, I just found it.
    My favorite pattern right now is the baby boots I’m doing for a friend of mine who is expecting.
    It was hard to decide because there are so many patterns I really like (the dragon pattern; or elephant earrings by Harolah Chaser; or or or) but as I’m doing the baby booties (unfortunatley, I don’t have the pattern with me right now, so I don’t remeber the name) this is my favorite pattern.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Frauke, yes- we tatters are fickle like that, our favourite patterns change like the wind. Glad you are enjoying making the booties, they are so delicate and cute.

  11. Merrilyn Reid

    Hi Fiona, my favourite pattern at the moment is the Mrs Spencer 1915 Table Centre, which I have been working on for some time now. Thank you for the opportunity to enter 😀

  12. Emily Daniels

    Congrats on so many subbies! My all time favorite tatting pattern is the Tardis Bookmark- I love all the variations 🙂 My right now favorite it Martha Ess’ “The Brain” I’m on the look out for an anatomical heart pattern to go with the brain!! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome tatting books it’s such a generous giveaway 🙂

  13. Diane Christie

    My favorite pattern at the moment is the Corina Meyfeldt fan or wave earrings!

  14. My favourite pattern is the butterfly by Mary Konor in her book Tatting Patterns’ I did this pattern for my wedding and made about 100 of them, a few were sewn on my silk flower bouquet, and wedding dres, favours etc.,in 2002. I brought the book when it first came out and will never part with it.

  15. Hilary Cruttenden

    There are so many lovely patterns around but at the moment there seems to be snowflakes in Melbourne using Robyn Perfetti’s large and small crystal snowflake pattern

  16. My favorite at the moment is angels as I am starting early for Christmas 2018 to put inside my Christmas cards. Love to try designs that are new to me.

  17. quietpoolgmailcom

    Wow, thank you for the chance to win. Love conrests, and love needle tatting. Right now, my favorite pattern is Easter egg #5 from Kirsten Hansens book Tatted Easter Eggs. I use it as a base to embellish for brooches.

  18. balbes

    My current favorite pattern is a 6-pointed star I found online, only at=tributed to “Sandy”. I am trying to modify it into an 6-pointed star, as a gift for a friend.

  19. Louise Hughes

    What a wonderful thing for you to do. I’m very new to tatting. Just learning so I don’t have a favorite pattern yet. Anything I am able to accomplish is my favorite. I am enjoy learning this wonderful art.

  20. Michellle

    What a fun idea! Please enter me in your giveaways. Choosing a favorite pattern is like choosing a favorite book or your favorite child though! When I’m making snowflakes, I love Le flocon Frivole by Joëlle Paulson, when I’m making crossses, I love Cross and Flower by Julie Patterson, Edging – Iris edging by Frivole, something fun – the Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon, bookmark – Flowering Quatrain, go to pattern when I have thread and a few minutes but no pattern in front of me – Vicki Clake’s small heart and of course whatever I’m working on at the moment! (That’s a baby bonnet from 1927 which has no name and I can’t even yelled you the publication as the person I bought it from doesn’t give that with the ‘cleaned up” PDF she sells but it’s gorgeous! Oh and anything by Renulek!

  21. Gwen Rousseau

    My favourite Tatting pattern at the moment is Corina Meyfeldt’s Wave pattern.

  22. I’m a member of Ice Drop addicts on Facebook…right now any variety of Ice Drop is my favorite..it all started with the basic one by Diane!
    Thank you for sharing this lively set of book as s give-a-way.

    In northern Virginia

  23. Eugenia

    As a still primarily beginner tatter, I love anything simple, but elegant with a bit of challenge.

  24. Mike Lyon

    The Stawasz “monster doily” is truly a marvel to tat. I’m on the final round (after 7 months !)

    • Thanks Mike, Jan’s work is stunning to look at, and a great challenge/brain workout to tat. Those outer rounds of big doilies always seem to take forever! I look forward to seeings it’s progress and the progress of your new pattern, it looks marvellous too.

  25. Patricia L Fyffe

    Clover doily

  26. The Anchor pattern you link to here is my all time favourite, I learned to tat from this little book and it’s the first doily I ever made for my mum, I come back to it time and time again but am now really excited to find your version with split rings and split chains. Time to make it again. 🙂

    • One of the things I love about that doily is that it isn’t ’round’. Lovely that there is a connection to your Mum too. I found using the split rings and chains added a good challenge to a nice and simple pattern. Have fun making it again- will you make one colour I wonder?

  27. Wendy Pape

    I am brand new to tatting. There are so many beautiful pattern that I want to try them all. The one that I’m currently trying to tat is “arches” by Marilee Rockley; my first set of 12 ds and 2 picots come out great and slide, when I go to the second set of 12 ds the do not slide so I cannot close the first ring (it makes a very tight knot and will not slide). On a post for Facebook someone mentioned the my stitches might be flipped. I keep trying and eventually I might get the first ring completed.

    Learning from those of you who have been tatting for years is a great help.

    In Denton Texas

    • Hi Wendy, Welcome to tatting. A good way to see when you are flipping, is to use two colours of thread. Use one colour as the ball and the other on the shuttle. Now, when you make a chain you are expecting that the colour on the shuttle will ‘flip’ and the stitch will change to the colour of the ball thread. The shuttle thread becomes the hidden thread in the core of the chain. Keep making double stitches, you will easily see when the stitch isn’t flipping using this method. Happy tatting 🙂

  28. Elizabeth Birmingham
    My favorite pattern right now is the an Stawasz monster doily. I have been tatting it for a very long time. I’m on row 15 of 18 right now. It will be beautiful when completed and so worth working on it for quite a long time.
    Semes, Al.

  29. My favorite patterns are the crosses from Lena Bjorn bookmark book. I also enjoy designing jewelry patterns, using metallic sewing, thread.

  30. Nancy Dionne

    Congratulations on your large number of followers! My favorite pattern right now if the Brussels pink square. This is such an amazing project and I cannot wait to see photos of the finished blanket.

  31. Cynthia Stevenson

    The older patterns have so many more uses than the newer patterns think about. I have a copy of an antique book (from antique patterns–free and out of copyright) that i have used patterns from for things from a ‘modesty panel’ for a shirt that is too low cut for me to a hat band–both were part of a negligee that had a tatted yoke.

  32. Mary Stambaugh

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway! I am making “Wiosna 2017” by Renulek and that is currently my favorite.

  33. Teresa

    Right now I do not have a favorite pattern, I just tat for the enjoyment and to keep my hands busy. I have been pulling patterns from the web and most recently I bought some of Ruth Perry’s books and have been tatting those.

  34. Mitzy Carter

    I like the Frivolite Butterfly? Did I get the name right? I am a pretty new tatter and sometimes I don’t get it exactly right, but it’s fun!

  35. I really like the hearts on cover of Tatting Lace (3 varieties of picot with same shape). (Applemints, Asahi original 424, c2013, Japan). My recent tatting, flipping a coin, Jane’s TIAS 2018, Diane’s ice drop or square medallion (Weldon’s) .

  36. I’m really enjoying making bookmarks at the moment. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway 😊

  37. My current favorite pattern is a fold over bookmark by Jon Yusoff

  38. Beth Davis

    My favorite tatting patterns at the moment is anything with hearts.

  39. Rachael

    I’m making snowflakes using Jon Yusoff’s pattern Rose Window.

  40. My favourite pattern at the moment is Marilee Rockley’s (Yarnplayer) Rotation Pendant. It is such a beautiful pattern and looks wonderful once complete. She writes easy to follow patterns. Though this pattern is an Intermediate level pattern. I put off doing it for ages because it required a mock ring at the start. I wish I didn’t, because mock rings aren’t hard. I was just procrastinating. Lol.

  41. Hearty Congratulations, Fiona 🙂
    Pretty impressive numbers ! As is your generous giveaway.
    I’m enjoying designing my own patterns at the moment and medallions with different kinds of enclosed space are what I’m hooked on right now. Less time and too many ideas ;-P
    But I have been following the Aussie Open daily and looking forward to today’s final ! Hope you caught some tennis viewing yourself?

    • Thanks muskaan. Your designs are really nice, I really enjoy your blog too. I’ve been enjoying the tennis and am looking forward to the men’s final tonight. The women’s was great last night!

      • Oh, you are too kind !
        But WOW what a Grand Final !!!! 20th for Federer in such a roller coaster match. Just as in the women’s final, it was difficult to be sure who’s going to win. Thrilling matches both.
        Stay cool 🙂

      • Yep, thrilling is the right word! That’s it for another year though 😊

  42. Renee Rogers

    I have become fascinated with teapots lately and I am preparing to utilize one of Martha Ess’ beautiful patterns to make some for gifts!

  43. My go to pattern is Susan Fuller’s Heart’s Desire always a favorite!

  44. Kathleen Minniti

    My current favorite tatting pattern is the Brussels Monument motif that Cathy has posted for us to help her tat-bomb monuments for the Lace Congress Convention in Brussels latter this year. After that, it’s probably my own new design for an edging that I’ll be teaching at the Spokane Shuttlebirds Workshop this May.

  45. Marilee Eaton

    I am presently doing my 1st TIAS.
    I am also tatting a bracelet from an edging pattern. I often have two or three projects going at once.

  46. Doing this giveaway is very generous of you.
    It’s very hard to choose one favorite pattern as they are so many that I like or are on my to-do list…
    I think my favorite pattern is the Spinning Wheel by Mary Konior. I love the flow of it, and it makes a great coaster when tatted in size 20 thread.

  47. It’s hard to have one favorite. Snowflake number 35 from Myra Pipers Tatting book is a favorite snowflake and the last thing I finished. Thank you!

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