Three unfinished doilys…

I had some time this evening to tidy up some of my tatting books and craft supplies. In my clean up I found three books with projects in them, just waiting to be finished.

From left to right: a pretty doily edging from one of the russian books I was gifted; most of the rose and thistle doily from Lindsay Rogers ‘Mastering tatting’ book; and the beginning of Ben Fikkert’s ‘Noel’.

I have now put these in sight and hope to finish them in the next few months.

Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T



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4 responses to “Three unfinished doilys…

  1. Good luck.! Will be waiting to see them done.

  2. Diane Christie

    I’m sure you will have them whipped out in no time!

    • Lol…I like your faith, but they will take a few months I think. Back working full time and studying part time only leaves small windows for crafting 😀

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