I’m tired of waiting: Tatting give away August 2018

Well, a few weeks ago I was planning a giveaway when the onemadtatter facebook page reached 2,000 likers. Facebook has done some weird things, and the number of likes seems to rise, then one or two drop off… so I’m tired of waiting!

My giveaways always aim to be inclusive for all of my followers, and it is in that spirit that I am now launching the ‘pre-two-thousand followers tatting give away’.

So, to enter you will need to like the facebook page, comment on the blog, or the facebook page, and tell me about a craft experience you felt you waited a long time for. It may have been a pattern in snail mail, that pretty shuttle you had to save for or a large project you thought you may never finish!

Each comment and share will give you a number in the random draw. The giveaway is open to anyone across the world so long as you have a postal address. I have two identical tatting kits to giveaway, so there will be two winners. Here is a picture of the kits:

Each kit has a packet of 5 plastic shuttles, and a skein of AlenaleaTatting’s size 20 thread in her ‘magic’ colourway. You have until Sunday, August 26th 2018 at 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time for your comment to be counted into the giveaway.

So, please like, share and comment. I look forward to reading your stories-I can hardly wait! I’ll let you know when we get to 2,000 likes lol.

Until next time

Happy tatting

Fiona T



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83 responses to “I’m tired of waiting: Tatting give away August 2018

  1. I would like to have all the techniques calculated so i don’t have to deal with the trail and error of making new patterns. It might help with creating patterns quickly and easily with in minutes.

  2. Congratulations in advance 😉
    I just blogged about a craft I waited ages for! I saw a blog post (possibly last year) that talked about broomstick lace crochet, but I only just got to try it this weekend. It was totally worth the wait though, I love it.

  3. Annette Michelle Makepeace

    I have been tatting for many years using a shuttle and finally decided to try needle tatting. Went online and ordered two needles and had to wait nearly a month for them to arrive. When they did it was soooo frustrating, one needle had no eye so could not be used at all and the other one had a crack in it so the thread caught and I could not pull the needle through the stitches. Seller was happy to replace them but I had to wait a further month before I could actually start using needles to tatt.

  4. Elizabeth Birmingham

    I’ve been waiting a long time to finish the monster doily by Jan Stawasz. I am now on the next to last row. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • That one takes a lot of patience! I did one of his smaller doilies and that was enough for me for quite a while. Maybe in the future I will try that one. Well done on getting to the penultimate row- the last rows always seem to take forever in tatting!

  5. Charlotte

    I’m still waiting for my craft experience! While I was visiting my aunt in Scotland recently (I live in QLD) I mentioned that I had started tatting in addition to crochet and knitting. She became very excited and explained that my grandmother, who had passed away while my father was only 12, had been a tatter, and that she still had all of my grandmothers shuttles!

    So my aunt, who is in the middle of refurbishing her house, will be getting them all out of storage for me when she can and sending them all the way back to Australia for me!

    And this is why I think that crafts are a beautiful thing. This is a tie to my grandmother I never expected to find, a piece of family history I would never have known, and something I have in common with a woman who is spoken very highly of, and I never got the chance to meet. Across generations and years and miles and even through death I am finding ties to my blood and my heritage through tatting!

    • What a beautiful story- it’s like the shuttles were waiting with your Aunt for you! These generational ties are so important to know about, I’m glad that you have this connection, and hope to see pics of the shuttles over at tatting shuttle addicts on facebook, when they arrive!

  6. Carol

    Just started following you, from your post on Facebook about you August giveaway. I’ve made so many tatted edged handkerchiefs for family and friends but never for myself. Think it’s about time I made one for my 60th Birthday in December!

  7. liyarra

    I have always wanted an enamel tatting shuttle.
    My former partner Jamie was saving for one for me and always looked out for shuttles. When he died I found some money he had put aside for it. I figured I would never get one so used some of the money to buy a couple of special silver shuttles and to buy a commemorative shuttle for a couple of dear friends who also knew him.
    A couple of months ago an enamel shuttle came up for sale with a “make an offer” button so I did.
    They accepted the offer and there was enough left of his savings to to within $5 to make the purchase.
    Not only did I get my shuttle, it was his favourite color as well.
    Waited 19 years for it and it is perfect.

  8. Lisa Balbes

    I have been needle tatting for years, just started learning shuttle. Thanks for the resources!

  9. Jane Eborall

    Not sure if I’m a follower or not on Facebook as I don’t go there to look around. Not sure I’m tired of waiting for anything!! 60+ years with a shuttle in my hand sorta doesn’t give me much to be waiting for. OH, except perhaps the next new design idea!!!

    • Lol Jane! We all are waiting for each of your brilliant BC3 design ideas. For a brain you try to make us believe is embattled, it is really quite remarkable! We will wait with you Jane 😉

  10. I’ve started a granny square crochet blanket for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She turns 7 next month! I’ve been working on it for over 4 years. And 3 moves so there’s that. Doing the squares wasn’t hard but attacking them all together is a beast!
    Thank you for a chance at your lovely giveaway! I’m new to tatting and love it!

  11. Nancy Timm

    My step son from my first marriage got married about two weeks after I got married to my second husband. We’ve both now, been married 14 years. I started a quilt for him and his wife as a wedding present. It is now, finally, at the quilter’s. They will have it before their 15th wedding anniversary.

    • Hi Nancy, I have found quilts to be like that! I began one in 2001 and it still needs binding! So glad you finally finished yours and happy anniversary!

  12. I have a dream: buy Jam Stawasz books and Tatting a famous big doily
    But I believe that I’ll do it in 4/5 months, because I only tat in few hours a day.

  13. Eleanor F Billman

    This summer, I searched for a L Tunisian hook for a particular shawl pattern. One was given to me recently (unable to find in stores), a lovely surprise, but now I can’t remember what shawl pattern that I wanted to do! My other is that I was asked to tat a bridal necklace and was given a fabric sample…wedding on hold for a couple of years, now that it’s time, I can’t find the sample (I suspect that I tossed it as I didn’t remember) to match threads. 50s have been a bit fog 🙂

    • It’s hard when plans change, as we tend to organise ourselves in advance. Hopefully they can supply another sample for you, and that the shawl pattern turns up soon!

  14. Patricia Gainer

    For a long time I resisted crochet because it made me think of old ladies and doilies on couches and I didn’t want to be labeled “old” by my teenager. I did every other jewelry craft I could think of…including tatting. Until I saw a book of amigurumi Star Wars toys. I had to make them! I bought the book last year and ive been hooked ever since

  15. Jamie

    Would love to win this. I need to get my tatting mojo back!!! Thanks

  16. I have always wanted to try glass fusing. I have a pretty large pottery kiln and when I realized with some careful learning that I could fuse glass in it I bought a pyrometers and had to wait a while for my local store to order it. I nervously “let” my husband drill a hole in my kiln for the pyrometer and ran a test with t glass. (Which is just regular glass) it worked enough for me to buy fuse glass which is significantly more expensive. I find that I gather supplies and then hesitate to try something because of possible failure and expense. Soihad everything I needed but just waited a few weeks to bolster my courage and research a bit more about using a pottery kiln. I finally did it and I’ve done different projects, most have been very successful, but I still have a few like decals or non traditional molds that I’m waiting for courage to try.

    • Hi Coretta, courage is important, but also know when you are waiting too long. I’m glad it was successful and you are trying more. Do you have a blog or pictures of the fused glass- I’m sure it looks lovely!

  17. Diane Christie

    What a great give away! Never can have too many shuttles lol, like me!

  18. Sena Smith

    After reading all these lovely stories I am thinking what am I waiting for? I just need to get my shuttle out and start again. It has been quite a while since I have done any tatting. I’m ready to brush up on skills and get started again. Thanks for the inspiration! ❤️

  19. I have been waiting to finish a tatted dining set for 8 people. My mom loved the set when she saw it, so I ought I would make it for their anniversary. Their 49th was coming up, it may had to wait fot their 50th. Dad had become, suddenly ill, right before their anniversary and had to go into surgery. He never woke up and was unconscious during their anniversary, he passe away a few weeks later, never beoming conscience. I still look at the table set, thinking about working, some more on it, maybe some day. Dad passed away in 2014, haven’t worked on it since.

  20. Jessica Kathryn Olson

    One thing I felt I waited a long time for was to learn how to tat. I’ve watched my mom do it my entire life and always wanted to learn but could never ask. Finally, in this past year, I asked and she taught me how! Now I know how to tat and I’m having a blast

  21. Grace Elizabeth Atkinson

    I wanted to tat since I saw my grandma teaching someone to do it at her house when I was 14. She gave all kinds of lace lessons. When I asked her about it she told me that tatting was not the lace I wanted to learn, and she taught me bobbin lace. We moved away and I did not keep up my lacing.

    5 years ago my mom gave me one of Grandma’s shuttles and I was determined to learn at last. Grandma had passed in 1995 and I didn’t know anyone who tatted, so I taught myself from videos and blogs and a couple of books. I did a pretty good job teaching myself!

    Now after all this time, I am finally taking lessons at a local thread and yarn shop. I am so happy to be fulfilling this dream. I have made some new friends and hope to restart working in bobbin lace too.

  22. Teresa Grzeskowiak

    Love the beautiful colors of the thread, would like to try the shuttle.

  23. Barbara H

    I’ve been wanting to tat a doily. It’s been years since I’ve done a big project. For some reason it seemed like a daunting task. A few days ago, I picked a pattern and thread. It’s sitting on the table looking at me. Today is the day.

    • Yay Barbara- today is the day! Just do a bit at a time and it wont take too long to come together. Good luck, hopefully you’ll show us your progress as you go.

  24. I was following the ‘pink squares’ for Tat A Monument In Pink, and saw Murray Lincoln’s site. I read thru the site and the photographs revealed what a remarkable woodscraftsman he was! I was gobsmacked by his wooden fish shape shuttles. I sent a message and in no time, had reply, purchased two — and impatiently waited for their arrival!!! They are out on my desk all the time. So charming in hand.

  25. Dawn Petersen

    I waited to learn shuttle tatting until i had the book with the dvd to learn shuttle tatting. So since i am in the hospital with my dad i an going to sit down with book and YouTube and learn shuttle tatting

  26. Nancy K

    For over a year now, I have been waiting on my trigger thumb to get back to where I can tat again. It is finally beginning to bend without me forcing it and not hurt. Woo Hoo.

  27. Lotta

    I don’t know what I had been waiting for but I didn’t give tasting a try until this year and OMG I’m hooked!!! I want all the hand dyed threads and all the cool patterns and I want to make all the things!!

  28. Karen

    I have wanted to make a large doily for years. I started one that should have been done in a year, it took me 3 yrs to finish. Well worth the efoort!

    • Large doilies can take forever, it’s those outer rows which really drag. It is a great feeling when it is complete though, and three years isn’t too long, lol!

  29. When mom taught me to tat I only learned rings, I made a few things with rings and bare thread but gave the shuttles back, Eventually the shuttles found their way back to me and I taught myself chans, what a world opened up. I only had to wait 50 years.

  30. Sue

    Hello from India! We don’t always get the pretty equipment here so I try to send a wishlist to my uncle before his annual visit to India. Well, one year he told me I’d sent it in too late for him to shop, so he came empty-handed and I sulked. The next year, without any warning, he shopped from that list and more and I was overwhelmed by all the pretty yarns and adorable notions. It’ll take me ages to use up everything he brought me, and I’m very touched by his choices. But 1.5 years was a long wait for the pretty things, ha ha!

  31. My mother-in-law asked me to tat her some jewelry in silver back when I first starting tatting in 2012. I was eager to make her something and was never satisfied with the greys or silver metallic threads I tried. Nothing worked up to my expectations of what I wanted to give her. That is, until May 2018 when I got my hands on the Lizbeth Metallic Silver. I was so happy with the way the thread worked up and looked that I was able to make her a pair of silver earrings just in time to ship for Mother’s Day!

    • Perfect colour for jewellery Natalie! I haven’t tried the new metallics yet, but am hearing so many positive things about them. It’s nice when we can share our talents with loved ones.

  32. Vicky

    Between tatting I cross stitch, I’ve had the lavender and lace Celtic ladies for quite a few years and just never got round to stitching them until a couple of days ago. I have just started Celtic winter as I’m unable to tat for a few weeks (I fell down stairs and fractured my wrist), so what better time to stitch. However my mind is working overtime with what project to tat as soon as I get this cast off my wrist.

    • Sorry to hear you are another injured tatter Vicky. Hope you heal quickly and the wait to tat again isn’t too long- nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder of a craft!

  33. Congratulations on reaching your 2,000, I follow you one both Facebook and your blog, you always make such an interesting posts on your blog and beautiful tatting. I hope you carry on having more likes on Facebook.
    Look forward to seeing more tatting and interesting post.

    • Oh, thanks so much Margaret! It is always lovely to have you along, and I’m glad you still enjoy my posts. It is having lovely supporters like you that make this such a great community to be a part of.

  34. Fox

    There was a mystery pattern tat-along, started by Frivole I think, a number of years ago. It had a lot of Victorian twists and I found it so frustrating that as I learned the technique I couldn’t wait to get the thing finished. It was a large piece and I had such a love-hate relationship with that pattern, being so eager to come to the end. Beautiful piece though. 😊

    • Ah yes, the mystery tat alongs! They are hard sometimes as you don’t know what you are getting into beforehand. I understand the love hate relationship with various pieces. Thanks for sharing Fox!

  35. 35 years ago, I asked my Aunt Fern, who taught me crochet, knitting, embroidery, quilting,…to teach me how to tat. Her response was, “Go to the library and get a book. Buy a shuttle at the fabric store, and teach yourself.” I followed her instructions, tried, failed, returned book, and stashed the shuttle. Jump forward 10 years, now 25 years ago, and asked Aunt Fern (again) to teach me to tat. Her response was, “Go to the library and get a book. Buy a shuttle at the fabric store, and teach yourself.” I followed her instructions, including “buy a shuttle,” since I couldn’t find the first one, tried, failed, returned book, and stashed the shuttle. Two years ago, I saw needle tatting as a hint on my FB page, and went for it. Wow – I can do this. Then I found my two “lost shuttles” (they were in different places, of course), went to youtube, and three minutes into the video, realized – I didn’t learn to “flip” my stitches! I want to try shuttle tatting again, love the portability of tatting (as opposed to quilting), and am ready to tackle the shuttle! Aunt Fern passed away many years ago, but I guess she is now laughing at her niece, who finally learned the skill. It just took a video and a few words…and there is so much to learn!

    • Hi Sylvia,
      I’ve just found this comment- it went to spam! I have released it now 🙂 So glad you persevered and learned tatting, it sounds like it was worth the wait! Fiona T

  36. Dot Smith

    Oh gosh, I’ve waited ages for lots of craft related things. I used to cross stitch and waited 3 months for some hand dyed fabric that was supposed to be shipped in a couple of weeks. After a few emails, I eventually asked to cancel the order. On the other hand, I’m happy to wait 3 months if I know it will take that long when I put my order in. I also have taken years to finish projects and have some that are over 5 years old still not finished. The shame of it.

  37. I love doing mystery tatting and tat alongs, but I like to wait until I know what it will look like, first, or make sure the object will be pretty. Sometimes the objects seem to take forever to be finished before I get to make one. It also depends on the maker, with your test alongs, I always make them, since I know you make beautiful pieces.

    • Yes- the Mystery tat alongs are usually a fun break from other projects. I have done a couple of test tats too, and it is exciting to have a sneak peek at a new idea for tatting.

  38. Waiting for judging at fairs of any size is always hard! And then waiting to read the comments afterwards is even harder! 🙂

  39. Nadine Ruden

    After 30+ years it’s hard to pick just one story. But a few years ago I was running a little (ok alot) late on a Christmas present (maybe two) Stayed up all night trying to get them done. One was a tatted hankie, the other was binding on a quilt. Finished about 5ish and fixed large breakfast for family. They thought it was wonderful that I loved them enough to get up so early. Ha ha ha, I never said a word.

  40. Grace Tan

    Hi, Fiona,

    I’m just in time to join your giveaway! I Liked your Facebook page some time ago.

    Waiting: I’m also toiling away on Jan Stawasz’s Big Doily. Except that I’m not – it’s too big to bring around on the bus, or on holiday, and that’s where I do most of my tatting! So, I’m waiting for a good time and place to finish that doily.

    Another craft experience of waiting concerns pottery. I took a couple of basic courses in 2003, and I absolutely loved it. But then I went to work in another city and I couldn’t find a pottery studio where I could take lessons. Finally, in 2017, I started going to a good studio in Singapore.



    • Great to have you along Grace. That would be frustrating waiting for time to finish the doily. I hope you don’t have to wait too long! Wow, pottery, sounds like messy fun. I’m happy for you to have found a local studio. Thanks for being a long time follower! I will draw the give away this afternoon.

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