Spring 2019 Craft Give-away

Well, the last few months have been very busy at our house. I submitted my PhD thesis for examination in August, and the time since my last blog post (which wordpress tells me was March) is a blur.  It is Spring here in Australia and I feel like I am waking up along with the flowers.  I particularly enjoy the smell of wattle in the warming air as I leave the house in the morning, and seeing the iris’ blooming in my garden.

To celebrate this milestone for my studies, I am running a craft giveaway*. I have been buying things and putting them aside over the last year, and coming up with ideas for both local (Australia/NZ) and International prizes for you lovely followers of my blog. As I clean up the ‘backroom’ I am also discovering that I have doubled up on a few books, the first of which will be part of the Australian Prize pack. Others will form giveaways leading up to Christmas.


Image of the Australian prize in the onemadtatter giveaway October 2019. Image of a book, a tatting shuttle and thread in similar purple and blue tones.

The Australian Prize pack includes some of AlenAleaDesign’s thread, 70m of size 40 “Crystalyne” colour, a brand new Dreamlit posted bobbin tatting shuttle in Amethyst Petals colour and a craft/mystery novel “A Tangled Yarn” by Betty Hechtman. I have been enjoying Betty’s novels over the last few years as an escape from academic reading. The copy I am giving away was a “double-up” as I accidentally pre-ordered two of these books- so the winner will receive a brand new, unread book. 

The International Prize will be an AlenAleaDesign monthly pack. This will be the October Pack, which will be released later this week. It will be mailed to the winner of the international prize.

Now, how to enter. Comment below on this post, or on this post’s thread at the Onemadtatter Facebook page. If you comment in both places, you have two chances to enter.  Both Facebook and WordPress usually tell me which country you reside in- so this shouldn’t be a problem when I make up the lists of commenters for the random number generator to choose from.  I will draw the winners using a random number generator on Sunday, October 6th, at 4pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (AEDST). I will email the winner directly, as well as announcing on the blog and facebook page. If I don’t hear back from the winner in four days, I will re-draw the name for that prize.

So let’s start sharing, to enter a comment to let us know what your favourite thing about Spring is (Even if it isn’t Spring in your part of the world.) Mine is the change in the air temperature, the scent of wattle and the colourful Irises popping up in my garden. 

As always, happy crafting

Fiona T

*I am giving away craft items which I have purchased. I will also pay for postage of the items to the winners. The international prize is also purchased by me and posted to the winner by arrangement with the Vendor. Aside from supporting local vendors, I have no business motive on this blog, or through this giveaway. Onemadtatter is my hobby blog and a place where I share my love of all things craft.



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50 responses to “Spring 2019 Craft Give-away

  1. Phyllis Melanie Vliet

    The scent of citrus blossoms!

  2. I must say it surprised me to read that it was spring, until I remembered that you were not in the same hemisphere as me. Ah ah.
    Fingers crossed for your thesis. When will you have the reviews?

    For me, spring ‘starts’ with the crocuses (even if sometimes there is still snow around) and then it’s really spring when the first leaves show up on the trees. I love seeing the days getting longer, and all the flowers sprouting along the paths.

    Thank you for this giveaway. I live in Canada, so this entry is for the International giveaway.


    • Thanks Claire, We don’t get snow where I live, but I can envision the crocus flowers coming up out of the white! Should know within the next three months about the thesis…so a bit of limbo at the moment. Thanks for your entry 🙂

    • George Ann h

      Congratulations on submission of your thesis! Enjoy your spring while here in the southern US we wait for winter! Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  3. Sally Neave

    The things I love about Spring are the new flowers blooming and the clear sunny days without being to hot. Getting out walking with lighter clothes on.

  4. Merrilyn Reid

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway Fiona.
    I love the pretty spring flowers and the warmer weather 🌻💐

  5. Sushil

    Spring gives me a spring to sit in my garden
    and tat away
    to the chirping of birds and waft from the flowers grassy smells
    and the blue sky and white clouds,
    with mischivious squirrals prancing on the trees and butterflies flitting around 😀

  6. Old Git!

    Being able to walk out of the house with just my house keys to take with me. No coat etc. We’re heading for winter here but that means no gardening and more craft time!

  7. tataway53

    OH HAPPY DAY!!!!! What a wonderful idea……I just teecieved some of Analea’s thread and the colours are amazing’nnn

  8. Isabella Ronaele

    Morning Fiona I am new to tatting and enjoying the challenge Spring in Australia is the bursting of new life for the animals All the flowers start to flower with the birds singing What could be better than sitting in the back yard tatting Cheers

  9. Miriam rogacion

    Thanks for the generous gesture.

  10. Linda B

    I love the afternoon showers that make everything smell so, so fresh and for all the orchids, in my greenhouse, that are in bud/flower ❤️

  11. Judi S

    I love spring flowers and the warmer weather! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  12. It seems strange when people welcome spring while you have just entered Fall 🙂 both these season are great for me. Nature is at its best and people enjoy the outdoor without the excess of the strong sun or coldness. Have a nice spring!

  13. Sharon Moser

    My favourite thing about Spring is the spring run off from the snow has swollen the riverways and made the waterfalls run full force I love getting out to take pictures of these as one of my favourite hobbies is photography.

  14. Spring to me means new life and renewal of life and new beginnings.

  15. I love that everything starts to get colourful again after months of dull and grey.

  16. Jeanne

    Congratulations on getting your PhD submitted!
    We are in the fall season here. Spring brings the pleasure of green grass after the mess of snow and salt. I love seeing the robins return and the early spring flowers emerge.

  17. I love the blossoming of colour on the trees, and jumping up of white snowdrops and crocuses. Then more colour follows as spring flowers bud and pop open. It is just so cheery!
    Thanks for this contest and good luck in you degree!

  18. Congrats on your accomplishments! Looking forward to seeing who wins!
    Not sure if my post went in so I am trying again.

  19. Rebecca Ziegle

    Even though it’s Fall in this part of the world, Spring means newness and a fresh start.

  20. Michelle

    Yay for your thesis! We’ll be watching for results! Here where I live, spring is truly a time of rebirth. We’ll have had at least 5 months of brown and snow and finally mud. The flowers come and scents are so fresh and amazing. It means the end of the school year which is so exciting to see how much kids have learned. It often means an international trip with students to show them what we’ve bene studying all year (dearth of Roman ruins in Minnesota). It means another year with my darling husband and the birthdays of two lovely daughters. It may be the best of all seasons!

  21. Priyanka Bansal

    Its a pleasure to interact with an erudite tatter. Patience is a virtue that u must be possesing – for it is needed both in PhD thesis and tatting. Congratulations !!!


    I like the rain during spring. It makes me happy.

  23. Laura Ast

    Spring means no more snow and I can finally go outside again.

  24. Spring means I can walk outside without the cold rain hitting me (if I choose my time for walking carefully). It means my crocus are appearing, and soon, my plum tree will bloom, promising delicious, sweet fruit in the fall.

  25. Nancy Dionne

    Thank you for creating these wonderful giveaways Fiona! I would be interested in hearing what your PhD thesis is on, the origins of the tatting shuttle? One of many things I look forward to in springtime is the smell of a fresh mowed lawn. 🚜 Can you please explain to this non-Australian what is a whattle and what does it smell like. Thank you Fiona!

    • LOL Nancy, no, my thesis was not tatting related- though tatting was a lifeline for a while there! I am a secondary teacher, and my research was into Student’s perceptions of their learning when using games as part of their classroom activities. This site will take you to some wattle images http://www.wattleday.asn.au/images/wattle-images- and their scent is light and sweet, filling the air from September to November.

  26. Zona Garcia

    Good luck with your thesis!! I always enjoy your posts and I love Alenalea HDT. Enjoy the moment of accomplishment from finishing your thesis!

  27. We got our first snow yesterday. Not a normal thing in September here. My favorite thing about Spring is when my Lilac bushes bloom. I love the smell of lilac.

  28. Juliannah Ashby

    Great job on your thesis being submitted! That is a great accomplishment!
    The thing I love most about spring in my area is the lilacs beginning to bloom and the song of chickadees in the trees. It is a very cheerful sound and a wonderful smell!

  29. Elizabeth Birmingham

    It would be nice to have Spring instead of near 100 each day.

  30. Bernice b

    Spring brings new buds on the fruit trees, so exciting. International entry please. 🙂

  31. Roberta Lawson

    I eagerly await your blog and thank you for you generosity to the Tatting community.

  32. Marie Drew

    Wish it were spring now. I would love to skip snow and cold. Spring brings more light into the house and that’s better for tatting. Best of luck to all.

  33. Katherine S.

    Hello, I love when the trees get their new leaves and start to bloom.

  34. Lela Peaveler

    Thank you for your generosity! I live in a little town in Utah, USA. Not many tatters here so being able to connect with others is a wonderful gift.
    We are just entering Fall and are enjoying the fall fruits and the crisp air.
    Happy Tatting!

  35. BoB Shotton

    The flowering cherry in my back garden, followed by the forsythia. Pink to yellow to hay fever because I just cut the grass
    Prize looks grand
    All the best from Taffyland

  36. Kyra Jane

    I love the warm, fragrant breezes and my garden coming back to life.
    Also being able to put down the cosy knitting and get back into tatting pretty, light lace.
    I’d love to try the new dreamlit shuttle, I’ve read good things, and that thread look beautiful.

  37. Emily Daniels

    My favorite thing about spring is the flowers coming back out after the snow! My allergies disagree a bit though lol. Congrats on your milestone! I’m still trudging through my bachelor degree but maybe one day I’ll be up to the challenge of a PhD!

  38. I love spring the fresh new green leaves and the spring flowers popping up, everything clean and green. Best season of the year,
    Thank you for doing a giveaway

  39. Congratulations on your PhD !🎓 I didn’t finish mine 😕
    Spring — freshness, new life, rejuvenation, energy, spring in the step (despite spring-cleaning chores!), and the colourful festival of Holi 💙💚💛💜
    And it gets easier to take pics of my tatting projects without all the woollens and quilts cluttering up my arms and space 😉😄

  40. George ann horsley

    Congratulations on your thesis submission! You are entering spring season and here in the southeastern USA we are waiting on winter!

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