Winner of spring craft give-away

A huge thanks to everyone who follows my blog here at One Mad Tatter- it was lovely reading your comments about spring. Also, thanks for your support and good wishes for my studies 🙂

I have used the random number generator to select the winner of the prizes. The winners are:

Australian/NZ prize: Linda B- check your email to receive the prize pack which includes some of AlenAleaDesign’s thread, 70m of size 40 “Crystalyne” colour, a brand new Dreamlit posted bobbin tatting shuttle in Amethyst Petals colour and a craft/mystery novel “A Tangled Yarn” by Betty Hechtman.

International prize: Elizabeth Birmingham- Check your email and I will organise for the October Pack from Alenalea designs on Etsy to be sent to you.

Thanks to everyone who commented, here and on facebook too.

Now- back to the blog 🙂

I have been getting back into my craft again over the last few weeks. I completed the multi-coloured version of Linda Davies’ “Oval doily in Ecru”, and like it so much I have begun a second one in a size 50 Altin Basak Fuschia colour. I began the first one as a challenge with a new shuttle gifted to me, I wanted to see how far I could get without refilling the shuttle. It turned out that I needed two full shuttle loads to complete this doily. I used Alenalea Size 20 thread in Jewel colour.


Oval Doily in Ecru (Linda Davies) made in Jewel thread by Onemadtatter


Oval Doily in Ecru (Linda Davies) about to be made in Fuchsia thread by Onemadtatter

I was also lucky enough to have a short holiday in regional Victoria a  couple of weeks ago with my family, staying for a few days at the beautiful town of Bendigo. We had a relaxing time, and I managed to also visit the Bendigo Wool Mills factory shop. This factory shop (known as the back room) had amazing offerings, including a lot of yarn which they don’t sell on the website (where I often purchase from). Below are a few pictures from our holiday, including the yarn I bought and our puppy.


Woman standing outside a factory sales shop front with two bags


Many balls of wool packed into a carry on bag


Cairn Terrier puppy sitting on concrete

So, that updates what I have been doing over the last few weeks. Until next time, happy crafting!

Fiona T



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2 responses to “Winner of spring craft give-away

  1. Congrats to the lucky winners 🙂
    Confirms that I should stop trying to enter into giveaways ;-P
    The doily is such a happy sight in that colourway.
    Nice haul !!!

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