Finishing lock down projects part 3

Some of my favourite projects are for my family. This crochet dress was started before lockdown for my niece, who was four at the time. I began by following a pattern in the Better Homes and Garden’s magazine, and using some beautiful Bendigo Wool Mills Imperial blend. As the dress grew, the wool was just too heavy to be practical as a dress for a five year old.

So I changed tack, pulled out the dress and got my mother in law to help make a cotton fabric dress to attach to the neckline. This made a beautiful long dress, which I worked on a little more with my mum to hem, using her over locker. I also made a little dress to match for my niece’s favourite bunny. My niece loved it, and has called it her wedding dress! So cute, and I will take it as a great compliment!

Speaking of weddings, during last year one of my nephew’s got engaged and set the wedding for December 2020. With lockdowns we were unable to attend the wedding, as it was in another state. So I got to tatting a “something blue” to send over for the bride to be. This blue handkerchief was in my stash, along with the matching pale blue size 80 lizbeth thread. I began by crocheting a header row around the hem-spoke edge, and tatted directly onto the crochet. The tatting will outlast the hanky, and so the crochet row can be cut away in future and the tatted edge reattached to another handkerchief or cloth if needed. I hope this becomes a lovely family heirloom. We are hoping to visit the happy couple as soon as we are all immunised for covid 19, and so able to fly interstate again.

I enjoyed both of these projects for family members, and hope they are enjoyed for a while to come. Until next time, happy crafting,

Fiona T


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