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TIAS fun with Jane

Well, I know it is January as it is super hot here in Melbourne, the tennis is on and I am tatting the TIAS.  Every year for the last few years Jane Eborall has run a Tat it and see ( TIAS) on her blog. It has become something I really look forward to. It is fun for a few  of reasons, as the pattern is split up and released over a couple of weeks no-one but Jane and her test tatters know what it is, so it is a mystery. It also becomes a guessing game that tatters across the world get invovled in. There is a great sense of the international tatting community in this yearly event. Thanks Jane for all of the effort you put in to make sure this is such a fun and welcoming event. 

Here are some pictures of my work so far, day 1, 2 and 3. I am using altin basak green size 50 thread left over from the collar I made recently:

I’m really not sure what it is yet…my current guess is a horse…let’s see what day 4’s pattern brings.  

Until next time, happy tatting!

Fiona T 


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Knitting in the round – owl cable hats

A little while ago I saw this very cute pattern on Julie is Coco and Cocoa, and it was knitted in the round using a very short cable needle. I really wanted to try out this kind of knitting, and so purchased the pattern from her etsy link. The pattern was reasonably easy to follow and, once I got clear on the way it was worded (and needed to check back to the blog itself for the revised instructions, hints and tips) I remade the hat twice more to get it to fit me (increasing the stitch counts according to the noted on the blog).  This hat is pictured above, being started at one of my favourite cafes and the finished in the picture beside it – Bendigo Wool mills 8Ply milky way (wool and milk fibre yarn). Sometimes working through these problems makes you feel more triumphant when you do complete a project.

Despite the sizing hiccup, the pattern was quite fun to make, and also to practice cables, so I bought some new 10ply Bendigo wool mills bamboo/wool blend yarn and made the one in the bottom picture. I have yet to add buttons to either hat, as we are now getting warmer weather in Melbourne and I no longer need the hat for my walk into work. I will source some cheap buttons over summer so the hats will look new for the rotation in time for Winter 2017.

Don’t forget to enter the 1,500 likers giveaway, you can enter by commenting on the blog post here: 1,500 likers giveaway or on the facebook page with the post about the 1,500 likers blog.

Until next time, happy crafting,

Fiona T



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Revisiting the Tatted Tardis pattern


Last week I decided to tat another Tardis, and I dug out the pattern and threads to begin. I decided to try and get an idea of the amount of thread needed on each shuttle to make one, and measured out 4.5m of thread for each shuttle. As I had some thread left on each shuttle I will try again this week with 3 meters of thread – hopefully not too much left over.

This is a great pattern to practice split rings on, and there is one split chain too. Once mastered, these two techniques open up a lot of opportunities in tatting, including being able to reduce the number of ends to sew in on older patterns.

The Tardis pattern is one I adapted and shared a long time ago, that Anne Bruvold kindly added to her original version of the pattern as an adaptation Anne B’s Tatted Tardis, available for download from here: . I have tweaked it again to add a white ring to act as the ‘notice’ on the window of the Tardis.

Don’t forget to enter the 1,500 liker giveaway by commenting on the blog from Sunday: 1,500 likers giveaway or over on the Facebook page under the post for the 1,500 likers blog link.

Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T


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Summer projects

I have been enjoying my summer holiday this year,  relaxing with my family and having some time to focus on study too. Of course there has been a fair bit of crafting, so here is a quick update on the tatting.
First, I finally made a start on the starlight doily tat along at Craftree.  I am nearly up to the final chain round.


I have also just started Jane’s Tat it and see (TIAS). I was a little late starting this year, so I did the first three days in one sitting. I am using Lizbeth size 40 thread, in a mauve colour- I have lost the card with the number and colour.




At this stage I have little idea what it could be. It is worth popping over to the blog to give it a try and read through guesses from around the world too. Are you taking part this year? It’s never too late to join in 🙂
I have also been working on a few other projects,  but more about them next time.
Until then,  happy tatting
Fiona T

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Crochet Frenzy

As well as knitting, I have been crocheting kid’s hats. In the past I have made some for my son, including the R2D2 hat and some slouchy beanies. 2013-08-10 R2D2The most recent one I can share is the frog hat I made for my youngest nephew. The pattern is from and was quite quick to make. Australian and UK crocheters should note that this is an American pattern, and uses the US terms for stitches.2015-08-19 frog At her blog Amy has many other easy to follow crochet patterns too- so do pop over and have a look. I wonder if there is a novelty item that you have enjoyed crafting?

Until next time, happy crafting 🙂

Fiona T.


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Blog link: Double Shuttle Bobbin

I am a big fan of tatting shuttles, there is something majestic about them- such a simple object can make beautiful lace. On facebook, I am a member of the Tatting Shuttle addicts group, and there is a lot of eye candy and also inspiration for new ideas. One example of a potentially great idea is the double bobbin shuttle. I don’t have one, but recalled this blog from one of my online tatting design friends who had made her own and documented the process. Food for thought, take a look:Double Shuttle Bobbin | Spare Moments Stitching.
Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T

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“Arches” Doily in pink

I was recently gifted some variegated pink Coats cotton, and a  lovely hand decorated shuttle (Thanks Sam, from Rogue Threads) so, of course, I abandoned my Jan S doily and started another doily! I have been wanting to make Marilee Rockley’s Arches doily for a while, so started straight away! While I am not happy south my tension in the round I have just completed, I think this is a really clever pattern. It is also easy to keep track of the stitch counts (well, much easier than I have been finding the Jan S doily recently).


I will block this over the weekend, and redo the last 2 rounds if I need to correct the tension.

Oh, here is the gorgeous shuttle too:


Until next time, happy tatting
Fiona T


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Day 12 TIAS 2015- nearly finished! (and day 13- now finished…)

wpid-2015-02-07-17.24.01.jpg.jpegI’ve been enjoying Jane’s TIAS again this year, and here is the picture of day 12- a sweet pair of tatted scissors. What a nice idea for any crafter! We are nearly finished, as you can see, and it has been lovely looking through people’s pictures and progress over the last few weeks. So do have a look at Jane’s TIAS blog 🙂 Jane has just posted the final day’s pattern- so I’d better pop over and download it 🙂

Ok- updated post a few minutes after publishing- here is my finished TIAS 2015- still have to sew in ends: wpid-2015-02-07-19.47.24.jpg.jpeg

Happy Tatting

Fiona T



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Crowd sourcing- FUNDRAISING/SPONSORSHIP needed | 5000 POPPIES


Just sharing this blog that popped into my inbox this morning. If you are based in Australia/New Zealand you may wish to contribute…I have no affiliation with the 5000 poppies blog or organisational group. The purpose of this blog post today is to raise awareness of this fundraising effort.

Remember the inspiring 5000 poppies tribute I wrote about here? I have been following this closely and meaning to make a tatted poppy to contribute 😉 It’s still on my list. The response have been overwhelming for the organisers with over 60,000 poppies to date- this has necessitated the fundraising/sponsorship request in the linked post: FUNDRAISING/SPONSORSHIP | 5000 POPPIES.  It will take lots of money to move the already amassed poppies (think truck hire etc) to the display point for the ANZAC day memorial. A few weeks ago I had seen the online kickstarter sort of fundraising page for this fundraising effort- but since the target of the kickstarter was not reached by the set date – all pledges were cancelled! So now the organisers are trying to raise funds through other fundraising means- including donations from individuals.  The re-blogged post above gives details of this fundraising effort – so if you would like to contribute to help this wonderful project come to life please consider the sponsorship packages (starting at $12 to dedicate a poppy).

I will be back to normal blogging this weekend with a craft giveaway too- we are over 400 likers on the Facebook page now 🙂

Until next time- Happy tatting

Fiona T


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Knitted Adult Kina finished- phew

I have just finished my Adult Kina from this pattern on Ravelry. I was inspired for a long time to try this from the posts retro-mummy puts up of the kinas she makes for her children. It is knitted in one piece (not many ends to sew in, and NO sleeves to attach later) on circular needles- but not in the round (which is lucky as I have never done ‘in the round’ knitting before). This pattern is also fairly simple- all of the shaping is done near the beginning and once you cast off the sleeves it is pretty much smooth sailing and very straightforward to complete – it just took me a while to finish it (11 months :/ ), as I really tat more than any craft at the moment.

Here is a picture of it once I cast it off the needles. I have to sew in 4 ends and attach a button- then it is done.

Cast off kina- nearly finishedAnd so here it is with a button and finished ends-Finished Kina FT

I made this using 8ply Blueberry pure wool, from Bendigo Wool Mills (purchased from Unwind cafe) and to make this small lady size it took 1 and 3/4 balls. Initially I made it for summer- but think it is really a bit ‘hot’ for these days- so my next brilliant plan is to make another one in Bendigo Wool Mills cotton, or perhaps their Bamboo/silk blend for next summer. I would also love to make some of these for a couple of friend’s daughters- but will see how long it takes me to knit a child one before I commit 🙂

Until next time,  happy crafting

Fiona T




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