Vision for Blog

Here is my first post on this tatting blog ‘One Mad Tatter’. It is wonderful to finally have a voice in this online Tatting community. First I will be sharing my projects from the last few years, and you can see these in the ‘gallery‘ page. I will add pictures of my projects as I complete them and am hoping to put up any patterns I write too.

There are many tatting blogs out there, and I love seeing other people’s work, patterns and reinvention of patterns. I am also loving you-tube and how much I can learn from the great (and not so great) video tutorials. I will post about these favourites over time too.

Please head over and like my facebook page, it will update you on when I publish new posts as I think this will be a semi-regular blog.

That’s all for now, eager to get some more photos up.

until next time

Happy Tatting!

Fiona…the mad tatter…


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