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Fractal crochet doily

On our recent holiday I was inspired by the Art Deco theme of my lovely surroundings, and I was also reading some Phryne Fisher mystery novels. combined, these two influences led me to purchase a doily pattern I had seen and loved quite a while ago. Upon returning home, I bought the Fractal Doily tatting pattern by Essi Varis, from Ravelry.

Usually when I start a ‘new to me’ pattern these days I read ahead in the pattern and test out anything the is new for me, to make sure I can follow the pattern. Below is a picture of this trial of the key parts of the pattern. I don’t make the whole thing in ‘rough copy’, just enough of the elements to know I get the gist of the pattern.

Testing the parts of the pattern which were new to me. Image shows a pale blue crocheted doily, with one side showing the pattern increases for the fractal doily.
The real doily taking shape in green 2 ply cotton. One fractal ‘sail’ is visible as it takes shape.
The completed doily, in green 2 ply cotton. The fractal pattern is visible on the two sides, taking shape as separate spirals which build from the middle to the outer edges.

I was very happy that this doily looks so vibrant, and the visual pattern of the fractals is very cleverly planned in the pattern. It is a relaly nice pattern to make, and I wouldn’t be opposed to making another of these in the future sometime.

Of course, I have have more than enough doilies (eh-hm….is that really a thing?) so this doily was made as a gift for my friend to put in her lovely art deco inspired house. Between lockdowns It made it to it’s new abode. Here it is installed in it’s new home.

Until next time, happy crafting

Fiona T



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