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Some small items to welcome babies.

I usually have a few projects going at any one time. Over the last few months a few of our friends are preparing to welcome new babies into their family for the first time. These have recently been gifted, so I can now reveal them on my blog.

First up is a picture of items I have finally conquered. I have had so many versions of this ‘gym boots’ pattern, and this is the first time I am happy with the result. I used Bendigo Wool Mills 5ply cotton, and a 3.25mm hook to make these. The pattern is from an Annie’s Attic Collection book.


The second picture below is of some of my favourite items to knit. There is an in-threes cardigan, made in Bendigo Wool Mills 8 ply Bold Bamboo, with a co-ordinating Milo vest/dress. The second Milo Dress is made in 8ply Bendigo Wool Mills Savanna, which is an Alpaca wool blend, and it has a matching head band from a modified Muki Crafts paid pattern. Of course, I had to make a pair of the little Mary-jane style shoes and socks, in 5ply acrylic, as I knew this recipient is having a baby girl. wp-1513852358529..jpg

I am really enjoying knitting and crocheting these small items. I especially like the top down, seam free items, as the patterns are so clever with very few ends to weave in.

I wonder what kinds of items you like to knit or crochet for babies?

Until next time, happy crafting,

Fiona T




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Merry Christmas 2016

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog for a few weeks as I have been busy finishing Christmas presents and studying too. The two gifts have now been given to their new owners so I can show you them now.

The first one was quite quick to make. I used Bendigo Wool Mills Cotton 10ply to make this in threes cardigan for my niece. 

The second one took a little longer as I hadn’t made a collar like this before. The vintage pattern is from a Coats learn tatting book no 660, and made is in Milford Mercerised cotton size 40, purple. I experimented with using crochet to attach the tatted collar as I went, and this required a little bit of retro-crocheting to make it sit properly and not pucker. The recipient loved it, and I hope she enjoys wearing it. I hope to blog soon about the process I used to make this collar.

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season. 

Until next time happy tatting, 

Fiona T  


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Knitting in the round – owl cable hats

A little while ago I saw this very cute pattern on Julie is Coco and Cocoa, and it was knitted in the round using a very short cable needle. I really wanted to try out this kind of knitting, and so purchased the pattern from her etsy link. The pattern was reasonably easy to follow and, once I got clear on the way it was worded (and needed to check back to the blog itself for the revised instructions, hints and tips) I remade the hat twice more to get it to fit me (increasing the stitch counts according to the noted on the blog).  This hat is pictured above, being started at one of my favourite cafes and the finished in the picture beside it – Bendigo Wool mills 8Ply milky way (wool and milk fibre yarn). Sometimes working through these problems makes you feel more triumphant when you do complete a project.

Despite the sizing hiccup, the pattern was quite fun to make, and also to practice cables, so I bought some new 10ply Bendigo wool mills bamboo/wool blend yarn and made the one in the bottom picture. I have yet to add buttons to either hat, as we are now getting warmer weather in Melbourne and I no longer need the hat for my walk into work. I will source some cheap buttons over summer so the hats will look new for the rotation in time for Winter 2017.

Don’t forget to enter the 1,500 likers giveaway, you can enter by commenting on the blog post here: 1,500 likers giveaway or on the facebook page with the post about the 1,500 likers blog.

Until next time, happy crafting,

Fiona T



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Knitting with the magic loop method

A few weeks ago I took a craft lesson on how to knit cable stitches and in the round using the magic loop method. I have never ventured into using cable patterns and thought this was a good way to learn the technique. The magic loop method was one I had never heard of before- so I was surprised at how cleverly it uses the cable to allow you to work on small peices in the round. The lesson took place at one of my favourite places- Unwind Craft Cafe in Keilor East. I used the lovely cable needles I got for my birthday and some Bendigo Wool Mills milky way  (blend of wool and milk fibres). 

I was pretty pleased with how quickly this knitted up, and how nice the wool was to work with. The pattern is from ravelry- main street by tin can knits. 

Until next time, happy crafting 

Fiona T 


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Knitting frenzy

In the last month I have found out numerous people in my inner circle are having babies before the end of this year. I decided to replenish my baby bootee stash and have been in a knitting frenzy for the last couple of weeks. Here is a quick picture of what I have made so far.


I’m sure that pretty soon I will run out of steam, or wool…so until next time,
Happy knitting
Fiona T


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To Kina or not to Kina….a knitting with cotton adventure.

A few months ago I began knitting my second adult Kina. The one I knitted before was in wool, and too warm for summer weather here in Australia. I am happily wearing it in winter, over long sleeved T shirts and skivvies. However, I really want one for the summer, and so found Bendigo Wool Mills 8 ply cotton, in a lovely lilac and have started my second Kina! I hope to have it finished in less than a year 🙂 But have had a couple of setbacks.

The 8 Ply cotton knits up a little looser than it’s wool counterpart, and so the first cast on and increases looked a little gappy. This didn’t bother me too much. The real problem came when I thought I would try a different knitting style than what I currently  use- the much faster looking ‘continental style’. It was after doing a few, much much slower, rows that I decided to go back to my normal knitting style (that I have used for 30 years) and try continental knitting on another project. But first I wanted to get this Kina off my needles so I can make some other projects for some family and close friends having babies soon.  So, I kept knitting and then realised this had happened….

2015-06-25 16.12.41

Can you see it? Yes- a line! When I thought about it, the continental style did pull the threads through in the opposite way to my usual style, and I should have realised this at the time (hind sight, huh!). Having spent so long already on this project I was reluctant to pull it out- so have taken it to a few ‘knitting consultants’ (read: friends and family) to see how obvious this error is (the consensus is that is is VERY obvious). I also cast on a new Kina (I had another ball of this cotton) while I was waiting for feedback from others, and deciding whether to ‘retro knit’ the first one.  2015-06-24 19.48.472015-06-25 16.12.12I took the opportunity to use my new stitch markers, they are little macarons! Very cute- from Bead Passion on ETSY. I also decided to try and ‘fix’ the gaps, so I am using smaller needles and making the next size up of the pattern. Hopefully this will compensate and as it is a forgiving pattern I am confident it will work OK…but will keep you all posted as I progress. I still haven’t taken off the other Kina from the needles…when I need the next ball of cotton I will muster the courage 😉

Is there a project you have needed courage to start over?

Until next time, Cappy Crafting

Fiona T




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Knitted Adult Kina finished- phew

I have just finished my Adult Kina from this pattern on Ravelry. I was inspired for a long time to try this from the posts retro-mummy puts up of the kinas she makes for her children. It is knitted in one piece (not many ends to sew in, and NO sleeves to attach later) on circular needles- but not in the round (which is lucky as I have never done ‘in the round’ knitting before). This pattern is also fairly simple- all of the shaping is done near the beginning and once you cast off the sleeves it is pretty much smooth sailing and very straightforward to complete – it just took me a while to finish it (11 months :/ ), as I really tat more than any craft at the moment.

Here is a picture of it once I cast it off the needles. I have to sew in 4 ends and attach a button- then it is done.

Cast off kina- nearly finishedAnd so here it is with a button and finished ends-Finished Kina FT

I made this using 8ply Blueberry pure wool, from Bendigo Wool Mills (purchased from Unwind cafe) and to make this small lady size it took 1 and 3/4 balls. Initially I made it for summer- but think it is really a bit ‘hot’ for these days- so my next brilliant plan is to make another one in Bendigo Wool Mills cotton, or perhaps their Bamboo/silk blend for next summer. I would also love to make some of these for a couple of friend’s daughters- but will see how long it takes me to knit a child one before I commit 🙂

Until next time,  happy crafting

Fiona T




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A great idea from aKNITomy- Knitted dissection kits.

Those of you have have followed me for a while have probably realised I am a bit of a geek- kind of a prerequisite for a Biology Teacher 🙂 Recently, while marking an assignment where a number of students chose to reflect on the use of dissections in Biology, I began to consider a wider range of alternatives to the usual plastic model, virtual model and physical dissection. Crafting my passion is not new- and I was super excited this year to be a very small part of the Neural Knitworks effort for Science week this year. I recalled finding this ‘knitted dissection’ through a pintrest or twitter search (I can’t remember which now) earlier this semester- the Knitted Rat dissection kit, from aKNITomy at etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/aKNITomy?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count. As I wanted to buy two and combine postage, the shop owner made up a listing for me, I purchased them, and they arrived safely in Australia last week. They come with instructions/patterns, the wool to make them, and all the felted organ pieces. The attention to detail is fabulous. I really like this idea- having students make or interact with this model would support yet another sensory experience – without the ‘ick’ factor for some students.


aKNITomy dissection kits

I can barely wait to start these, and I hope to use the finished models with my classes in 2015. I will keep you all posted on the progress as it happens 🙂

As always, happy crafting

Fiona T


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Kina Progress- in the home stretch

Here is a more up to date photo of the knitting progress on my kina. I have passed the sleeves and it is getting a bit quicker as I continue the back and front. The pattern is on ravelry, and the wool is bendigo wool mills, 8ply blueberry. I bought it from our local supplier at unwind café. I first heard about this kina pattern from retro mummy, who was making them for her girls. The one below is for me, but reminding me that I usually make smaller items when I knit 🙂


I would love to do this pattern again, but think I will make one for littler humans than me, next time.
I have also been tatting, but more about that later in the week.
Happy tatting
Fiona T

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Kina Progress

I recently had some leave from work, and so could make time to knit some more of my kina. I hope to have this done by summer, so I have plenty of time to chip away at this over the coming winter months. I an a very slow knitter, with one purl and one knit row on this 300+ stitch piece originally taking me 90 minutes. With a bit of concentration, I have gotten the time down to 45 mins….so I am exited and inspired that I can complete this jacket by summer!


As you can see, I have made some progress, just 7cm more and I will make the sleeves! I am enjoying knitting again.
Until next time, happy crafting!
Fiona T


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