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Finishing lock down projects part 4

Hello again friends. I keep looking through my photo gallery and craft cupboard and finding more items I worked on last year. I will continue to blog them over the next few weeks. This week I’ll cast back to show a comparative project: the same pattern made in a plain and a variegated thread. The pattern is Linda. S. Davies “oval doily in Ecru” it uses split rings and split chains, reducing the number of ends to deal with. Link to Linda’s clever design here: http://toptattyhead.blogspot.com/http://toptattyhead.blogspot.com/ look on the right of the page for free pattern links, and click on oval doily. This will download the pdf instantly for you. Thanks Linda for an amazing pattern.

I made this variegated version a couple of years ago. I love it as it reminds me of confetti or fairy sprinkles. I blogged about the finished version here: https://onemadtatter.wordpress.com/2019/10/06/winner-of-spring-craft-give-away/

I have recently finished the solid colour version of this. The thread is altin basak 50 in a fuschia colour.

I like how both of these have turned out. I might try one with the combination of variegated and solid colours that I am starting to use on more of these larger doilies. The only problem will be when using a split ring to climb out of a round, the ring will be a combination of colours. I’m sure I can figure out a way around this problem, as I really like how the variegated thread can make the solid colour pop, like in this “Amanda” doily from Laura Bziukiewicz on face book.

Amanda doily pattern from Laura Bziukiewicz on Facebook, thread is size 40 variegated wildflower and solid lilac from AlenaLea tatting on Etsy.

I enjoyed making these doilies. As always, the joy of tatting is in the process; choosing thread and colours, choosing the right size and type of shuttle, winding the shuttle, beginning the rings and chains, feeling every stitch form under my fingers, sliding the stitches to make the ring, snugging up the stitches to get the chain to curve the right way, holding my breath to make sure the split rings or chains don’t knot as I make them, relief when I climb out with a faux picot, and when it is all complete that feeling of pride at the heirloom I have made. Then, the inevitable longing to start the next project and do it all again!

I wonder what aspects of tatting, or crafting, keep you enthralled?

Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T



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An Iris Niebach pattern and Hand dyed thread

Here is my most recently finished tatting piece. It is a small doily designed by Iris Niebach- Beatrice from her Tatted Doilies book. I really like that it is made in one pass- though I did have to refill my shuttle 3 times- the last time to make the final 3 small rings- that was a bit annoying.  The thread is beautiful to work with, and was hand made by a local talented tatter and Etsy store owner- Lea (& facebook link). It is size 40 thread, but I have lost the tag with the name of the dyelot colour. Liyarra mentioned that this particular pattern is notorious for being difficult- but aside from my own inattention (creating the need to retro tat) I had no problems with this pattern using this thread. 

Iris Niebach- Beatrice design

Iris Niebach- Beatrice design

I have 2 other colours of thread that I bought from Lea too- a lovely green and a blend called “crocus” which is mauve and yellow. I wonder what I will make with them? The next thing I want to do is finish a table centre for another of my sisters- so I will get back to that this evening I hope. I will share more progress on that next time. 

Until next time, Happy Tatting

Fiona T


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