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TIAS fun with Jane

Well, I know it is January as it is super hot here in Melbourne, the tennis is on and I am tatting the TIAS.  Every year for the last few years Jane Eborall has run a Tat it and see ( TIAS) on her blog. It has become something I really look forward to. It is fun for a few  of reasons, as the pattern is split up and released over a couple of weeks no-one but Jane and her test tatters know what it is, so it is a mystery. It also becomes a guessing game that tatters across the world get invovled in. There is a great sense of the international tatting community in this yearly event. Thanks Jane for all of the effort you put in to make sure this is such a fun and welcoming event. 

Here are some pictures of my work so far, day 1, 2 and 3. I am using altin basak green size 50 thread left over from the collar I made recently:

I’m really not sure what it is yet…my current guess is a horse…let’s see what day 4’s pattern brings.  

Until next time, happy tatting!

Fiona T 



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Some more Angelinas

This week I was able to make 2 and a half more of these little angels.  They are so cute,  I am making a few for close family this year.  They stand at just under 4cm high. The pattern is from Lea at AlenAlea Designs: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/255804643/tatted-mini-3d-angel-pattern-and


I am using size 40 milford mercerized white,  the purple and gold size 50 Altin Basak metallic thread.  When I have used the metallic thread for jewelry in the past,  the metallic thread often broke when I closed rings,  but using them now in the chain only part of the pattern is really easy, and the thread has not frayed.

I have also been busy getting another creative idea of the ground: WISE Dolls- Working In STEAM Enterprises Dolls (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) and have just launched the blog today.  This idea encourages young people to make (upcycle) their own dolls to reflect their interests and possible future careers.  If you are interested in following the adventures there the blog is: https://Wisedolls.wordpress.com

Until next time- happy creating
Fiona T


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Holiday Tatting

A couple of weeks ago we were on holiday in Queensland, enjoying the beautiful weather and tourist trail. I took the opportunity to work more on the Mystery Doily, and progressed from round 2 to 6 in the time we were away. Here are some photos of my progress, on the plane and at our accommodation. 2015-06-28 11.13.26_resized  2015-07-02 12.16.42_resized I have been challenging myself by using split chains and split rings to climb out of rows, and reduce the need to cut and tie each round. This was fine, until I ran out of thread on my shuttle with one final ring to complete in round 5.2015-07-04 10.49.05_resized Some quick thinking, and I was able to use the ball thread to make my rings, the Shoe Lace Trick (SLT) to swap between the threads, and the small amount of shuttle thread as the core of the chain. Phew- I made it 🙂

2015-07-04 11.08.37_resizedI am still chipping away at round 6. More progress reports as it is made 🙂

Until next time, Happy Tatting

Fiona T


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An op shop find and a random ‘craft pack’ prize draw

A few weeks ago my sister and I stopped into an op shop on our way to play tennis. We looked through some great stuff, though their craft section was a bit disappointing. I found I couldn’t walk out of the shop without this little beaded pearl purse. I have no idea what I will do with it- but it is so nice. I’m sure I will use it one day 😀op shop beaded purse and gloves

Thanks to my lovely followers here and on facebook- now just over 800 likers, and nearly 900 with an rss link directly to the blog too 🙂 To celebrate, I decided that I would have a random ‘craft pack’ prize draw. But, this time there is a difference- I have already drawn a winner. I decided to draw the prize from those who have commented on my blog the most since it began. It is my way of honouring those of you who have been on this journey with me for a long time, and who have supported me consistently with lovely comments. There are approx 10 regular commenters over the last 3 years….including Tatting Margaret, Barbara G, Notewords, Muskaan, Kristen, Berice, Marina, and Jenni. So- without any further ado- the winner is (brrrrr.. drum roll)  Barbara G. Your craft pack will include a book (I will give you a couple of choices), thread and some surprises 🙂 Barbara- please contact me through facebook message, or craftree to organise which books and delivery 🙂 Congratulations.

Thanks everyone for following, until next time, happy crafting 🙂

Fiona T


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“Arches” Doily in pink

I was recently gifted some variegated pink Coats cotton, and a  lovely hand decorated shuttle (Thanks Sam, from Rogue Threads) so, of course, I abandoned my Jan S doily and started another doily! I have been wanting to make Marilee Rockley’s Arches doily for a while, so started straight away! While I am not happy south my tension in the round I have just completed, I think this is a really clever pattern. It is also easy to keep track of the stitch counts (well, much easier than I have been finding the Jan S doily recently).


I will block this over the weekend, and redo the last 2 rounds if I need to correct the tension.

Oh, here is the gorgeous shuttle too:


Until next time, happy tatting
Fiona T


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Three times as Amusing- my finished Amusement doilies

Here is a picture of my three finished Amusement doilies, made as part of a tat along on Facebook. These doilies are quite quick to make up, and as I have been on holidays I was able to work on them for more time each day than I usually do. I made two as ‘twins’ with colours my mum has in a smocked sampler above the table these are made for (The colours on the ‘twin’ doilies are Altin Basik size #50, and Ecru is Milford Mercerised size #40. The Pink and Brown doily has pink Milford mercerised size#40, while the brown is Lizbeth size #40, Mocha Brown dark). After doing the first 2 I really thought the section between row 2 and 3 looked like paw prints, so I made a third to show that idea! I wonder if you can see the cheeky/muddy paw prints on the otherwise ‘clean’ doily 🙂 3 finished ammusement doilies

This has been a very amusing journey! Did you join in this tat along? Have you completed another tat along- like Renuleks, perhaps? Feel free to add links to your blog/pictures in the comments below.

If you would like to be involved in the TIAS that Jane runs, the day 3 pattern segment was released – http://tatitandsee.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/day-3-now-available.html so pop over and have a look, it would be great to see what we make 🙂

Until next time, happy tatting.

Fiona T


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Jan Stawasz book- a first for my collection


I have been looking for these books for a while, and found them from a Polish supplier on Ebay. As I didn’t have any books/patterns by Jan, I decided to splurge on this book and it arrived just before Christmas.  Jan’s work is amazing- using simple elements to make eye catching designs. Each pattern seems to be very bold- and I have realised that he used size 10 thread for most items. The majority of my thread stash is size 40- so my work of his designs will be smaller. I think these would look lovely made from some of my Altin Basak solid coloured size 40 threads. I might just start one after the new year – it would be nice to have a big project that will span 2015 I think.

Happy New Year to all of you, and best wishes for a great crafting year for 2015.

Happy Crafting

Fiona T


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Tatted Baubles- 2014 installment of the story

In a recent post I alluded to ‘Christmas baubles’ being a story for another time– well, here is the story. A few years ago I bought a bulk lot of colourful Christmas Baubles from a clearance sale, with the intention of tatting covers for them as gifts for family and friends. Here is a link to the post. I had left a box of six with my Mum, who had crocheted a few and decorated some with sequins too. When the DMC book arrived I was inspired again to begin some baubles for gifts next year. Of course this recent post from Sharon also inspired me to have a few smaller projects on the go all year too. So, I began to hunt through my house for where I had stored the several remaining boxes of baubles. For over 2 weeks I turned every cupboard inside out- and still no baubles. I checked with Mum, and she only had the one box (and had decorated them too- much better than me 🙂 ). It was by chance, on Christmas Eve, that my son asked about an old ‘jack in the box’ toy of mine. While retrieving the toy from the back of yet another cupboard, I found the bag containing the remaining boxes of baubles- a ‘Christmas miracle’ in my mind.

On Christmas night I pulled out the DMC book and began making a cover for the first bauble:bauble in progress 2014

I have made the top and the bottom, and am working on the ‘middle’ band that will join them. I think this first one will be for me- as it is purple, and there are a couple of mistakes in it. The next few I will do in white thread – I think they look a bit more striking that way. I will take Sharon’s advice and try to work on one each week – though I am sure I will shift this over the year to one a month- but will still have 12 baubles complete by the end of the year, so that won’t be too bad overall.

All the best for a relaxing holiday period.

Happy tatting

Fiona T


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Over 300 likers- celebration ‘craftpack’ give away.


The 2 identical tatting craft packs – to be given away to two lucky people who comment – one here on the blog, and one on Facebook!

Wow- it has been a busy week out our house. It was also a busy week for the facebook page for onemadtatter blog – we are at over 300 likers. That has jumped from around 250 a week ago. So I have cleaned out my stash* and have 2 identical (except for colour of thread and shuttles) tatting craft packs (pictured above) I will also add chocolate before posting. You will need to comment on the blog post or on the facebook page (under the link to the blog post). Yes- I will post internationally (I am based in Australia). There will be one winner chosen from each forum – that is one commenter from the blog and one from Facebook – if you comment on both you have double the chance 🙂  Next Saturday- November 22nd at 5pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time) I will put names into a list and use a random number generator to pick the winners. I will announce these on this blog and through facebook after the draw.

One of my greatest triumphs in tatting was mastering the flip- it took a long time for me to do this as I was learning from books, before you-tube and internet could show me. For more about this learning journey see this post.

So my question to you – what do you think is your greatest craft triumph? I can’t wait to read about it 🙂

Until next time, thanks for your support and happy crafting

Fiona T

*Items in this giveaway are from my craft ‘stash’ – all items were purchased by myself and stored in my pet free, smoke free home. The vintage tatting books are in good second hand condition. All other items are new.


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300 liker give away….the winner is!

The winners of the craft packs have been drawn. Thanks to everyone who entered, your stories and craft triumphs were a joy to read. Thanks also for the positive feedback on the blog in general- it is nice to be able to share my crafting journey with you all. So…(*Drum roll*) the winners are:


Blog Comment: Helen (Please get in touch through facebook- or comments here)

Facebook comment: Tammy G. (I have messaged you via facebook- check your “other” folder)

Please contact me within 3 days, or I will redraw the craft pack.

This week I have been snowed under at work (figuratively speaking, because we have had some hot weather this week in Melbourne), but have finished off a set of the Hydrangea Doilies from “New Tatting” Tomoko Morimoto’s book. I love this book, the colours are fabulous and inspiring. I still have to block the doilies, but here is a picture- they are simple, delicate and pretty. I think they will make a lovely Christmas present 🙂 10522735_795664550480282_733047507224163210_n Thanks for your support. I have had such fun I think I will do another giveaway at 400 likes…lets see how soon that is 🙂

As always, until next time – happy tatting

Fiona T


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