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Finishing lock down projects part 4

Hello again friends. I keep looking through my photo gallery and craft cupboard and finding more items I worked on last year. I will continue to blog them over the next few weeks. This week I’ll cast back to show a comparative project: the same pattern made in a plain and a variegated thread. The pattern is Linda. S. Davies “oval doily in Ecru” it uses split rings and split chains, reducing the number of ends to deal with. Link to Linda’s clever design here: http://toptattyhead.blogspot.com/http://toptattyhead.blogspot.com/ look on the right of the page for free pattern links, and click on oval doily. This will download the pdf instantly for you. Thanks Linda for an amazing pattern.

I made this variegated version a couple of years ago. I love it as it reminds me of confetti or fairy sprinkles. I blogged about the finished version here: https://onemadtatter.wordpress.com/2019/10/06/winner-of-spring-craft-give-away/

I have recently finished the solid colour version of this. The thread is altin basak 50 in a fuschia colour.

I like how both of these have turned out. I might try one with the combination of variegated and solid colours that I am starting to use on more of these larger doilies. The only problem will be when using a split ring to climb out of a round, the ring will be a combination of colours. I’m sure I can figure out a way around this problem, as I really like how the variegated thread can make the solid colour pop, like in this “Amanda” doily from Laura Bziukiewicz on face book.

Amanda doily pattern from Laura Bziukiewicz on Facebook, thread is size 40 variegated wildflower and solid lilac from AlenaLea tatting on Etsy.

I enjoyed making these doilies. As always, the joy of tatting is in the process; choosing thread and colours, choosing the right size and type of shuttle, winding the shuttle, beginning the rings and chains, feeling every stitch form under my fingers, sliding the stitches to make the ring, snugging up the stitches to get the chain to curve the right way, holding my breath to make sure the split rings or chains don’t knot as I make them, relief when I climb out with a faux picot, and when it is all complete that feeling of pride at the heirloom I have made. Then, the inevitable longing to start the next project and do it all again!

I wonder what aspects of tatting, or crafting, keep you enthralled?

Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T



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Merry Christmas angelinas 2017

Merry Christmas to everyone who follows one mad tatter. Here is a picture of my Christmas tatting this year, some of Alenalea’s angelinas. The pattern is available from her etsy store. 

This year I made seven of these gorgeous ornaments for some very special people in my life. They stand at about 2.5cm high and are made in size 40 thread. 

I hope you have a joyful holiday season, where ever you are in the world. I hope 2018 brings crafting fun for you too. 

Until next time, happy tatting 

Fiona T 

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Some more Angelinas

This week I was able to make 2 and a half more of these little angels.  They are so cute,  I am making a few for close family this year.  They stand at just under 4cm high. The pattern is from Lea at AlenAlea Designs: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/255804643/tatted-mini-3d-angel-pattern-and


I am using size 40 milford mercerized white,  the purple and gold size 50 Altin Basak metallic thread.  When I have used the metallic thread for jewelry in the past,  the metallic thread often broke when I closed rings,  but using them now in the chain only part of the pattern is really easy, and the thread has not frayed.

I have also been busy getting another creative idea of the ground: WISE Dolls- Working In STEAM Enterprises Dolls (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) and have just launched the blog today.  This idea encourages young people to make (upcycle) their own dolls to reflect their interests and possible future careers.  If you are interested in following the adventures there the blog is: https://Wisedolls.wordpress.com

Until next time- happy creating
Fiona T


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Holiday Tatting

A couple of weeks ago we were on holiday in Queensland, enjoying the beautiful weather and tourist trail. I took the opportunity to work more on the Mystery Doily, and progressed from round 2 to 6 in the time we were away. Here are some photos of my progress, on the plane and at our accommodation. 2015-06-28 11.13.26_resized  2015-07-02 12.16.42_resized I have been challenging myself by using split chains and split rings to climb out of rows, and reduce the need to cut and tie each round. This was fine, until I ran out of thread on my shuttle with one final ring to complete in round 5.2015-07-04 10.49.05_resized Some quick thinking, and I was able to use the ball thread to make my rings, the Shoe Lace Trick (SLT) to swap between the threads, and the small amount of shuttle thread as the core of the chain. Phew- I made it 🙂

2015-07-04 11.08.37_resizedI am still chipping away at round 6. More progress reports as it is made 🙂

Until next time, Happy Tatting

Fiona T


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Tatted letters- Part 2

A short time ago I came across my split ring tatted letter designs and samples, and have shared the first 6 letters with you. Here is a picture of the next 4, based on the same dimensions and again using two colours to show where the splits are- if you do them in one colour of thread on both shuttles your letters will appear to be a single colour. Not all of them have been made into samples- though the guide diagram is there for G & J. H was quite straight forward to make, as were I & L, but K was trickier- I wonder if you will have more luck- Please let me know what you come up with if you try with this particular stitch count.  btumsz3   4a24jvu

Until next time,

Happy Tatting

Fiona T

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Playing with an idea- One mad tatter’s split ring alphabet


A good thing about being on holidays is that I finally have the time to ‘clean out’ my stash cupboard- and in the process have come across a project idea I started long ago (I think 2010). Many of the alphabet letters I had found online or in my existing library to tat seemed to me to be very ‘frilly’. I really wanted to have some letters that were a bit more bold and plain. I began to draw out my idea in my scrapbook – then when I needed to empty a shuttle, I made these samples and adjusted the ideas and patterns as I went. The way I have used the split ring to turn corners was inspired by Anne Bruvold’s ‘Tatted Tardis” and how she manipulated the stitch count to make a ‘square’ corner. I further manipulated the stitch counts to make (or try to make) different angles.  The photos below show a bit of the thinking and ‘playing’ journey that takes place in my creative process.  I have included images of some of the letters I have ‘worked out’ so far. Some letters- like ‘Y’ are a bit more difficult, but now I have located this project again, I hope to work the rest out. The letters would look much better if they are in a single colour, but to help me (and you) visualise the split rings (and as I was testing these when emptying shuttles) the two colours give a better idea of how the ‘split ring’ works to turn/move around a corner. ghyf5kd g0a1wni      uptgclv I have had another idea for a different way of using the split rings too- but think I should finish this set first before starting the next idea. Trying new ideas, and ‘designing’ a pattern for others to follow is a whole different skill set, and one that I was glad to have begun developing through the online tatting design class a few years ago. Of course now with family, work and study – it’s only on the holidays when I can indulge in this extension of my crafting passion.

In other tatting news, Jane has started the TIAS, and day 2’s pattern is set for release today sometime. I realised (thanks Muskaan) that I made a bit of a mistake in my execution of the pattern- so have started again 🙂 I love this game each year, and can’t wait to see who is first to figure out what we are making 🙂 Thanks Jane, we do enjoy this each year.

Until next time,

Happy tatting

Fiona T


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Minecraft Blocks- bookmark

My family is really excited about Minecraft. My son has been playing for a long time, mostly with my Husband. Recently we figured out the screen settings so that I could play without getting dizzy – and now I love it too. For those not familiar with this ‘game space’ it is kind of like digital lego- you can dig up resources and make your own everything 🙂 For more information on adjusting settings in minecraft, see the apps for Aussie Kids blog.

On the recent school holidays my Son and I began to draw and plan some Minecraft inspired bookmarks that could be tatted (thanks to Julie Patterson for that idea- getting my son involved in my craft, and I in his minecraft, has been great). He also tried his hand at shuttle tatting- and can do the double stitch 🙂 I have been working on tatting these bookmarks up and writing up the diagram for the pattern. At this stage I have only diagrammed the pattern- if there is enough interest I may write it up in notation too. Here is a link to the PDF version of the pattern diagram (The pictures and diagram will be much clearer on the PDF attached than the images here on the blog).  It is made using 2 shuttles wound CTM to make 25 x 8/8 split rings in blocks of 5 x5 rings.Minecraft Blocks Bookmarks – By One Mad Tatter and Diamond HikerMC ©2014 Diagonal Mincreft bookmark clean copyminecraft bookmark clean   Minecraft tatted bookmarkSo I hope you enjoy making these for any Minecrafters you know. I would love to see any blocks/bookmarks you create. Feel free to link them in the comments, on the Facebook page or in InTatters/Craftree.

As always, Happy tatting minecrafting 🙂

Fiona T



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Anchor Doily Finished and Blocked.

I have just finished the Anchor Doily (pg 14 of the Anchor Learn to Tat Book) for my sister’s birthday tomorrow. I have sewn in the last ends, which was much easier as there were very few. My reworking of this pattern in three colours, using split chains and split rings has been a successful design challenge.


Here it is, blocked and drying so it should be ready to wrap tomorrow.
And here it is ready to wrap!
I am always happy when I finish a project, and hopeful that the recipient will be happy too!
As always, happy tatting
Fiona T


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2013 Royal Melbourne Show Entry

If you came here via the QR code or link from The Royal Melbourne Show…welcome to the One Mad Tatter Blog. Click the link to the left and “like” the facebook page to be involved in semi-regular craft giveaways.

For those of you who are regular followers, hello again.  🙂

This weeks blog is a digital version of my Royal Melbourne show entry for this year. I assembled a board of tatting samples as an introduction  to tatting for the wide audience drawn by the Royal Melbourne Show. It is entitled: “Tatting techniques for Beginners: Sample Board”

The first section of the board “Rings and Chains- Beginner patterns” aims to show the simple visual effects of using rings and chains, where all beginner tatters will start. The rings and chains pull the tatted work into slightly curved shapes, making round motifs and doily edges easy. There are techniques to make rings and chains into straight edges too, often by joining picots to each other, or a straight fabric edge.

Pendant 1: Ginny Design from Ring of Tatters 2001 made with 2 shuttles, rings made in White and chains in Green. Same pattern as Pendant 2, however the colours give it a different visual effect. (White Milford Mercerised cotton size 40 & Light Green Lizbeth Thread, size 30). This simplicity of design and interesting visual effects is what draws me back to tatting again and again.

Pendant 2: Ginny Design from Ring of Tatters 2001 made in one colour (Purple Milford Mercerised cotton size 40). Rings made with a shuttle and chains from a ball thread.

Brooch: This is an adaptation of a Phyliss Sparks’ collar pattern (“Practical tatting” book). I made it Blue (Milford Mercerised cotton size 40), Yellow (Milford Mercerised cotton size 40) and green (Lizbeth thread size 30).

Flower Doily: From the Russian ‘Encyclopaedia of Tatting’ by Анни С.И., М. There was no pattern or diagram written for this peice, I used the photo to work my own version of this doily. It is worked in a variety of Lizbeth and Milford size 40 threads. It uses the beginner techniques of rings and chains. This work is an indication of how ‘international’ the craft of tatting is.

The second part of the board introduces the visual effects that can be gained by using the intermediate techniques of “Split rings and split chains”.  Split rings allow tatting to take on different shapes, like straight lines.

Split ring floral bookmark: Julie Patterson pattern in Variegated Lisbeth thread Scottish Thistle size 30.

Tardis: My own adaptation of Anne Bruvold’s Tardis pattern, using both split rings and split chains. Made in Blue & White Milford Mercerised cotton size 40. Anne and I have worked together online to build on her original pattern idea. The online tatting world is a vibrant community.

Fire Dragon: another of Anne Bruvold’s designs using single shuttle spit rings, this tatted dragon uses intermediate techniques to great effect.  Variegated ‘fire’ dragon in Lizbeth Autumn leaves, size 40 thread.

I hope that this years entry serves an educative purpose.  Perhaps it will entice more tatters to enter the show, as the categories for tatting have dwindled from three a few years ago, to just one this year. It may even inspire someone to try tatting, who knows? If you are interested in trying tatting there are both local and online guilds to help you along.

As always, happy tatting

Fiona T


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Shhh…I’m making Dragons!

This week I got confirmation of my membership of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Tatting Guild. I am excited to be part of this guild and hope that, in time, I will be able to attend some meetings and contribute to this group.  Thanks for the welcome in the news letter!

This week I also completed my first Dragon, made from Anne B’s Dragon pattern. I made it for my sister, in dark green size 40 Milford Mercerised Cotton, and Mocha Brown Medium Lisbeth size 40. Thanks Anne B, once again a beautifully diagrammed and easy to follow pattern.

Khalessi's Dragon

I had put off making this pattern for a long time as it uses SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Rings) and I hadn’t mastered these yet. Watching Game of Thrones recently spurred me to action, as I really wanted to make a ‘correctly coloured’ Dragon for my sister. This one replicates the green and bronze dragon described in the books…but I feel a thread purchase looming as I try to get closer matches for colours. I now feel very confident with SSSR and look forward to making more of the dragon bookmarks for friends and family. The wings were a little tricky, and I had to cut away the first try as I had the chains facing the wrong way.

I recall learning split rings to make Jane’s Sea Horses, and learning beading for a doily for the show. I wonder what patterns have you tried or learned a new technique for? Please leave your comments below.

Until next time, happy tatting!

Fiona T


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