About onemadtatter blog

I love tatting, yes, I guess I am mad about it! I had been trying to tat for years, but only recently mastered the ‘flip’ of the stitch. Now I am hooked. I have several projects going, have a great collection of vintage books and have (in the last 12 months) found a vibrant online community of tatters, new techniques and wonderful patterns. I have been entering my work in the Royal Melbourne Show for the last 2 years, however with a return to study next year I don’t anticipate I will be entering again in the near future. Instead I am working on some patterns of my own and starting this blog to record my work, patterns and take an active part in the creative and witty world of tatting blogs. Please like my facebook page too.

I hope you enjoy looking around, feel free to comment and share your tatting too 🙂

*All opinions are my own, and are unsolicited. I personally purchase all items reviewed on this blog and have received no payment from any supplier for promoting their goods. I am a hobby tatter/crafter and have no personal business affiliation or business motive on this blog. Thanks for reading. 27/8/12


2 responses to “About onemadtatter blog

  1. Hi
    I tried to leave you a comment on your lovely gift from the US(intatters). But I can’t seem to find the anyway to make a comment,
    You have a lovely blog and I have signed up for an email when you blog. If you would like to pop over to may blog you are very welcome.
    Tatting Margaret

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