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2021- finishing off lockdown projects

It is fair to say living through a global pandemic has put us all in a bit of a spin. What were normal routines have been disrupted by lockdowns and uncertainty. I live in Melbourne, so we had extended periods of severe restrictions and lockdowns across 2020. I was relieved to be able to work from home, learning to teach my secondary students remotely. Like many of you, my crafty friends, I was also appreciative of having my crafts at hand to support my mental well being.

I was crafting regularly, but found at different times I couldn’t concentrate on some patterns. So I scaled down my expectations and used some basic patterns to make sure I could still get my crafting fix. I’ve ended up with at least one of each of a basic knitted, crochet and tatting project on the go at most times across the last year.

I have realised that I didn’t blog much at all last year. I did spend a lot of time on various projects, and photographed many of them, but just didn’t get around to the blogging part. Over the next few weeks I will share some of my projects.

Near the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to win a shuttle give away from Lorraine Kolusa for valentine’s day. It took a while for the shuttle to travel across the world, but when it arrived I was really happy to have such a lovely shuttle in my care. I had wound it thinking I would use it for Jon’s Threads that bind doily, but have ended up using it more recently for Laura’s Amanda doily.

The beautiful Valentine Shuttle
Valentine shuttle loaded and ready to tat.
Amanda Doily from Laura Bziukiewicz on Facebook. Made in size 40 thread, mauve lizbeth colour 632 and Alenalea wildflower.

I also made two lovely crocheted items with Scheepjes whirls. First a Grinda Shawl, made in a woolly whirl for my Mum.

Grinda Shawl in progress

And second a granny square baby blanket for a family friend. I was going to use the bakewell blanket pattern, but it was one that was too complicated for me during the second lockdown. Though I did manage the bakewell pattern during the first lockdown.

A successful bakewell baby blanket, in an acrylic 8ply.

I also had some knitting projects, with an “in threes” baby jacket and three knitted “can I borrow that” scarves which I made as part of a knit along through Unwind cafe.

That’s probably enough for today’s blog. I’ll upload some more projects soon.

Happy crafting,

Fiona T


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Tatting Using Electron Configurations

Tatters are a creative bunch. Over the last couple of years there have been quite a few brilliant tatters designing and sharing patterns or developing interesting ways to use tatting elements and techniques. More recently there have been a number of tat alongs and new patterns shared through Facebook. It seems that when tatters around the world have some ‘free time’ they begin to ‘tat’ down those ideas that have been rattling around in their heads and share them.

I have recently begun the ‘Threads that bind’ doily, which dear Jon Youseff has shared a week at a time though facebook. I was impressed and excited when she opened up the last round of the pattern to others to design and share. There are now several versions of this last round (in some cases rounds) for tatters to drool over and then re-create themselves.

This morning I woke up to a post from Natalie Rogers on facebook where she has begun sharing her ‘tat you own adventure‘ poker cards again. If you join the Facebook page, she will draw some cards for you too. This poker card format gives you elements to play with, to design your own motifs and patterns. Last time she ran it, I managed to keep track of the elements and began drawing some possibilities. They didn’t make it to my shuttle, but it was a fun process.

My notebook with the first tat your own adventure poker draw

My notebook with the first tat your own adventure poker draw

The most recent tat your own adventure poker draw from today.

The most recent tat your own adventure poker draw from today. Cards drawn are sketched along the top of the page, with one possible pattern drawn out underneath.

Now, this poker game and designing phase has reminded me of an idea I had last year in November. So I thought it would be a great time to share with you all now too.

As you may be aware, I am a science teacher. Walking past a colleagues desk I saw a pile of worksheets for her Chemistry class. On top of this pile was a page listing the valence electron configurations of some elements. The notation reminded me of tatting patterns, and so the idea was born. (*Thanks to my colleague Fi1 for sharing her lesson and not thinking I was too crazy while I muttered about double stitches and picots.)

Part of the Electron configuration worksheet I noticed on a colleagues desk. It reminded me of tatting patterns.

Part of the Electron configuration worksheet I noticed on a colleagues desk. It reminded me of tatting patterns.


My notebook from November 2019 with the electron configuration sheet that started my idea.

I decided to try and make a motif of Krypton. The first step was to make a decision about the translation of the valence notation into tatting elements. I used the numbers in each orbital, along with the letter, prefix and superscript to make a pattern in tatting.

The outer orbitals I used for Krypton (Kr) were:   5s2 4d10 5p3

I defined the letters in the orbitals as:

  • s= ½ Double Stitch (Josephine knot)
  • d= Double Stitch
  • p = Long picot
  • f= faux picot to climb out of a round
  • If the orbital has a prefix, this may be used as the number of stitches of that type.
  • If the orbital has a superscript, this could indicate the number of repeats, for a section or a round.

Perhaps once you choose an element, the final round is always chains showing the long picot repeat?

Of course, you could change any of these elements to suit your ideas and style of tatting.

To make my Krypton motif I found the final sequence to work:

  • 1st round: Rings of 5 Josephine knots, and 2 small picots, chains of 4 p 4 p 4.                5 repeats for the round.
  • 2nd round: Chain of 5 picots, join to previous round’s chain at picot. Repeat.


A close up of tatting with electron configurations: Krypton motif

Of course, this is just the valence electrons (electrons in the outer shell) of Krypton. If you wanted to include all of electrons and orbitals for this, the 36th element, you would make a doily instead of a motif.

This lead to me thinking about a “First 20 elements Doily”, where the rounds would be built up of each element’s electron configuration.

More notes and thinking for tatting with electron configurations

More notes and thinking for tatting with electron configurations

The only problem I can see is in the execution of this idea.  When an “s= Josephine knot” Hydrogen and Helium are very tiny and fiddly to make. So maybe, for this experiment, we would need to redefine “s” as a double stitch, and “d” as 2 double stitches, or even a padded double stitch.

The first two rounds of this doily could then be represented as:

  • 1st round: (H) 1s [ Ring 1ds p 1ds p 1ds], Chain (He) 1s2 [1ds p 1ds]
  • 2nd round: (Li) 2s [Ring 2ds p 2ds p 2 ds],  Chain (Be) 2s2 [2ds p 2ds]

I haven’t tested this yet. I would be interested to know what you all think.

I have been having fun looking up other elements and their valence electron configurations. Here is a link to a table with the electron configuration of every element:

If you wanted to make a Krypton doily you could base it off this:

36 Kr Krypton 1s2 2s2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p6

Well, I hope that has given you some ideas to work with, and maybe you’ll try and define your own tatting elements from the electron configurations. I would love to see and hear about your own tatting adventure with the periodic table and valence electrons 🙂

As always,

Happy tatting!

Fiona T


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Tatting along-Serwetka Arleta

At the moment I am tatting a sweet little pattern from Laura Bziukiewicz which she has shared through a facebook event:

You will need to join the facebook event and message Laura for the pattern if you would like to tat along too.

It is a nice pattern for a beginner, and I have levelled it up a little by using split chains to climb out of rows. I am working on round four now, and it is coming along nicely.


Round one of the Arleta tatted doily, in size 20 Gorgeous Alenalea thread.


Round two of Round one of the Arleta tatted doily, in size 20 Gorgeous Alenalea thread.


Round three Round one of the Arleta tatted doily, in size 20 Gorgeous Alenalea thread.

Laura has also released a few patterns on her facebook page, all of them look lovely. I hope to finish this one soon so I can try another that has caught my eye. Thank you Laura for sharing your talents with all of us!

Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T

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Happy New Year 2020- review of 2019 tatting

Happy New Year! I thought I would spend a few minutes uploading some images to review my craft adventures during 2019. I really didn’t think I had done too much crafting, as I was teaching, finishing my PhD thesis, spending time with family and friends and we also got a puppy. It seems I managed to squeeze in a fair bit of crafting though! The photos below show a wide range of fibre crafts I have begun, and many I have completed. In looking through these images, there are a couple of projects I had forgotten about too…like the Mary Konior Spinning Glass mats experiments, and a monthly bookmark challenge I set myself. I am pleased that I have been able to blog semi-regularly and managed to have a giveaway too. I hope 2020 will see regular posts, and that I can share more of my creative ideas with you all too.

I hope your year has been filled with great things, including crafty fun. I also want to wish you all the best for 2020. Many thanks for following, as always happy crafting,

Fiona T

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The last Tat it and See from Jane

Well, I tried to make it last as long as I could, but I finished off the tat it and see (TIAS) this weekend. The cute little mermaid is finished. A huge thanks to Jane Eborall for once again planning, designing, diagramming and hosting this fun little project.  Here is a picture of my little mermaid, with her flowing green hair.

The images below shoe the progression of the project since January, when the pattern was released in small parts over on the TIAS blog. The guessing game that runs along side the pattern release is also fun to follow, with some creative tatters making images and poems to share their ideas too.

Did you take part in the TIAS this year? Feel free to link to your own blog in the comments to share your experiences too.

Until next time,

Happy tatting

Fiona T



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Winner of the 1800 followers give away

The give away is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter- I enjoyed reading your favourite patterns and looking up some I hadn’t heard of before too. If you have a chance to read the comments on the original post, you might find another favourite pattern to add to your collection too.

The winner is: Diane Christie. Diane, you have three days to get in touch with me 🙂 If I don’t hear from you I will redraw the give away.


In other news my squares for the brussels monument have arrived with Cathy #TatAMonumentInPink , and are on her” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>facebook page :

The TIAS is still a mystery, with day 8 being posted onto the TIAS blog yesterday. Until next time

Happy tatting

Fiona T


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1,800 followers give away

With all of the exciting things happening in the tatting world more people have found my blog and associated facebook page. When I checked this morning the facebook page was up to 1,806 followers. So, to share my excitement I am going to have a little giveaway.


Here are the four books which I will post to the winner of the giveaway**.

Two are vintage publications, one is a recent reprint of a vintage publication and the hard cover ‘new dimensions in tatting’ is an ex-library copy of 1994 reprint. Some really great patterns in these books and ideas for taking tatting in different directions too. These books all have lovely items, and I have made things from most of them- for example: the anchor doily I made for my sister is a republished pattern from the ‘Coats 1088- learn tatting’ book on the right; The tatted collar I made for a christmas present is from ‘Coats 660 Learn Tatting (middle back); and one of my favourite handkerchief edgings is from the re-printed ‘tatting 2 more doilies and edges’.

Details on how to enter: The books in the prize pack have some of my favourite tatting patterns in them. In the comments below on the blog or on this facebook post please let me know–  What is your favourite tatting pattern at the moment? 

Only relevant comments on the blog will be counted in the random choosing of the winner, and all comments will be moderated before publishing (to keep spam out). Winner will be drawn and announced on Sunday February 4th, 2018 at 4pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (AEDT) – so you have over a week to enter.

Looking forward to reading your comments 🙂

Best of luck and happy tatting

Fiona T

**I have purchased all of these books personally. There is no business motive for this giveaway. Three of the items are second hand books, and have some wear as expected with vintage/second hand pattern books. Each comment on the blog and facebook page will count as a separate entry. The order of comments will be noted and my son will choose the winner using a random number generator. The giveaway is open to all followers with an address I can post to. I will contact the winner via email/facebook messenger and announce on the facebook page and blog, you will have three days to respond otherwise the prize will be re-drawn.


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Sending tatted squares to Brussels

There are a couple of big events happening in the international world of tatting at the moment. One is Jane’s Tat It and See game, which I have blogged about here a few days ago. The other is a new idea, Cathy from Brussels has invited the tatting community to contribute 10,000 tatted squares to be stitched together to cover a brussels monument later in 2018, during the world lace congress. To find out more about Cathy’s idea and get involved yourself, these links may help: and Cathy’s facebook page:

Those who follow my page on facebook have already seen the progress of my squares. I managed to make nineteen squares from the skein of pink hand dyed #20 thread I bought from Alenalea. I usually work in #40 or #50 thread, so it was great that I could just buy a small amount (70m) to use for this special event. I posted them to Brussels yesterday, and hope they will get to Cathy in the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep an eye on her facebook page, as she has been putting up photos of the squares as they arrive to her.

There has also been a great discussion over at as some tatters are trying other square patterns, and adapting them to be the size Cathy has stipulated.There is someone working on a Norma Benporath square to share. This has made for interesting reading and if I had more time I would love to play with an older pattern too.

Are you following along with these projects? Perhaps you are contributing too? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T


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Jane’s 2018 TIAS begins 

Well it’s that time of year again, Jane Eborral has just launched the 2018 Tat It And See (TIAS).

Here is the link for the Day 1 pattern

And a link to the TIAS blog, so you can follow along as people progress: 

For those who are new: the TIAS is a pattern which Jane shares in little parts every few days. What we are actually making is a mystery, which leads to a guessing game along side the pattern release.  Jane encourages us to take pictures as we go along and send them into her to share on the TIAS blog. It is a wonderful international event for tatters. You can pick up your shuttles and join in too!

Here is my work so far:

Have you joined in with the TIAS before?

Until next time, happy tatting

Fiona T


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Happy New Year for 2018

To all of my followers on onemadtatter, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my  crafty fun. Best wishes for a great 2018. 

I have been relaxing over the last week and making these little squares to send to Brussels for the ‘tat bombing’ of a monument there. 

The suggested pattern is pleasant to work up and easily remembered, so I can make these quickly each time I have a chance. Each square takes about 20 minutes to complete. I have made 16 so far, and estimate I can make another 4 with the thread I have remaining. 

What is on your shuttles at the moment? 

Until next time, happy tatting 

Fiona T


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