Gallery of Tatting Projects

Blue Tatted Butterfly

Made for my sister’s wedding this: Blue Butterfly Wedding Charm was for goodluck, something blue and fitted her butterfly motif. Pattern; Rebecca Jones: The complete book of tatting.

A hanky with tatted edge I made for my Mum. Was a pattern from Rita Weiss, “Tatted Doilies and Edgings”  pg 38 No 3, and used size 80 thread.

My First Entry into the Royal Melbourne Show (2010). From a Rita Weiss pattern, slightly adapted as I only allowed 3 months for this project.

This years show entry:


And some sea horses, (Jane Eborrall)













7 responses to “Gallery of Tatting Projects

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  2. Fiona your tatting is so beautiful. Before you told me about this beautiful almost forgotten craft, I had no idea about it. Looking forward to seeing your blog grow! Lorri xx

  3. Lovely work, Fiona. Look forward to future posts..Dorelle

  4. Tatting dummy

    I am just learning hot to tat. My grandmother did tatting, but she was blind by the time I was born and I was only 5 when she passed away. What I have learned I have taught myself. I prefer needle tatting rather than shuttle tatting. Do you know of any beginning needle tatting bookmarks or Christmas ornaments that would be good for a beginner? Thanks, Tatting dummy

    • How wonderful you have taught yourself needle tatting. I have tried it a couple of times but prefer the shuttle myself. I would suggest you head over and join “Intatters“, there are lots of needle and shuttle tatters here to connect with via the forums and discussions and links to heaps of patterns for needle tatting (and shuttle tatting) including blogs from other talented tatters. Here is a link to my page on intatters. It is free to join and there are lots of creative and helpful people here. There are also links within the site to the online tatting classes, that are run for free by tatters. Perhaps the beginning needle tatting class would be something you would like to join? All the best with your tatting adventures!

  5. Beautiful work! I love the hankies. Thanks for stopping past my place 😉

  6. These are so beautiful. The butterfly necklace is so delicate and gorgeous. Plus, such a lovely keepsake.

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