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UFO- Tatted Bridge Set

A while ago I saw that Bella Online (Georgia Seitz’s site) was featuring Norma Benporath’s tatted Bridge Set and commemorating her work and distinctions. Here is the link:

It was lovely to read, and reminded me that I need to finish this bridge cloth, as I tatted the card motifs  from Norma’s design quite a while ago now. I have also trialled attaching a motif to cloth. I have since had my sewing machine serviced and really have no excuse to finish this UFO (Un Finished Object) in the coming months. Then I should learn to play bridge I suppose :)

Until next time

Happy Crafting :)

Fiona T


National Science week has just passed. It was great to see that the media got on board this year and promoted a number of interesting and challenging science week activities. Way back in April I heard about the Neural Knitworks project- which encouraged people to knit, crochet or craft neurons together. These Neurons could be sent in to be put on display as a huge Neural network as part of science week.

I really like the idea of community projects, and the idea that were are learning, crafting and working together for science- well I am in my element. I shared the project with my own students, and we had a couple of Neurons crafted and contributed to our display in our Science Room Foyer.

I wonder- have you been involved in crafty community projects? It would be great to hear about it!

As always, happy tatting,

Fiona T

Tatting on a plane

I am a big fan of tatting in public, unfortunately mostly the only public place I am is at my son’s school. When I do travel further afield, my shuttles join me. In 2012 I flew from Australia to the UK, and found out I was able to take my shuttles (clovers with a pick), a thread cutter ( I got small square ones, very light- I think they are clover too) and a couple of hankerchiefs to edge. As I was only travelling with carry on luggage, I knew I couldn’t take scissors or needles.


Here is a picture of me ready to tat on the plane. I was able to complete one handkerchief in the 10 day return trip- pretty pleased with that!
Since then, I have travelled within Australia, and was able to take my aero style shuttles with a small hook. This definitely sped up making the joins!
Have you done any travel tatting?
Until next time, happy tatting
Fiona T

Those who know me, know that I love community projects. I had heard about this a while ago but couldn’t think how I would tat a poppy to contribute. Today I stumbled across a poppy pattern! if you are interested in seeing how far beyond “5000” poppies this has gotten, have a look at this blog

Barely a day after writing the above I found this in my inbox from Georgia’s online tatting class- they are having an event where people can tat these together I think… anyway- a Jon Youseff poppy pattern: so we are getting spoiled for choice now!

Then the newsletter from the Victorian Tatting Guild arrived- also promoting this poppy project it really felt like the universe was promoting this project too. It’s very exciting, and I love being part of these sorts of projects – so am adding another project to my list. :)

So, I wonder if you will contribute to this project too?

As always, Happy Tatting

Fiona T


I am working on a second doily for my sister, using the Anchor no. 20 doily pattern. I have cut away a couple of rounds as I seem to get complacent in working it this time. When I was getting to the final rows I felt like it was taking forever! Now I know why… I think the last row in green was miscounted, leading to too many purple rings…and resulting in eight sides on this doily instead of six. Yep- it’s a tatting disaster! :)


I hoped that blocking it may help, but it really hasn’t. So, now I need your advice please. Do I cut away to the purple row, and figure out the right count to keep this six sided? Do I cut away the green row too (as I was ‘clever’ and used continuous thread method and split chains to climb out of rows) ? Do I claim this as a frilly, one of a kind, eight sided doily, and start a new one for my sister, over again?
At any rate, I think I will put this aside for now and work on something from my new books. Looking forward to your advice.
Until next time, happy tatting.
Fiona T

Book Review- New Tatting


Last week I succumbed to peer pressure. The tatting folk on facebook were talking about some great books, recommending this one amongst others :) . I decided to buy this English Translation of the lovely Japanese book ‘New Tatting’ by Tomoko Morimoto. It arrived today and I spent some time this afternoon just pouring over the beautiful presentation, delicate designs and simple to follow diagrams. This book would be perfect for a beginner tatter, as it has clear photographs and worded instructions for learning the double stitch, right up to split rings and adding beads. Tomoko Morimoto’s attention to detail, for instance different types of joins and how to decide when to use them would be empowering for the beginning tatter- it definitely made the effects clearer to me.

Something else I like about this book is the voice that is used by the author, I felt like I was invited into her world of lace and design by reading this book. I think I would also love to visit Japan one day and see the Lace School in Tokyo ;)

Oh, I can’t wait any longer- I’m going to find some shuttles and try a new pattern!
Happy Tatting
Fiona T

My family is really excited about Minecraft. My son has been playing for a long time, mostly with my Husband. Recently we figured out the screen settings so that I could play without getting dizzy – and now I love it too. For those not familiar with this ‘game space’ it is kind of like digital lego- you can dig up resources and make your own everything :) For more information on adjusting settings in minecraft, see the apps for Aussie Kids blog.

On the recent school holidays my Son and I began to draw and plan some Minecraft inspired bookmarks that could be tatted (thanks to Julie Patterson for that idea- getting my son involved in my craft, and I in his minecraft, has been great). He also tried his hand at shuttle tatting- and can do the double stitch :) I have been working on tatting these bookmarks up and writing up the diagram for the pattern. At this stage I have only diagrammed the pattern- if there is enough interest I may write it up in notation too. Here is a link to the PDF version of the pattern diagram (The pictures and diagram will be much clearer on the PDF attached than the images here on the blog).  It is made using 2 shuttles wound CTM to make 25 x 8/8 split rings in blocks of 5 x5 rings.Minecraft Blocks Bookmarks – By One Mad Tatter and Diamond HikerMC ©2014 Diagonal Mincreft bookmark clean copyminecraft bookmark clean   Minecraft tatted bookmarkSo I hope you enjoy making these for any Minecrafters you know. I would love to see any blocks/bookmarks you create. Feel free to link them in the comments, on the Facebook page or in InTatters/Craftree.

As always, Happy tatting minecrafting :)

Fiona T



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